For many years, the City of Luxembourg has been actively supporting cultural creation and activities by Luxembourg artists, creators, non-profit associations and businesses, through financial contributions, subsidies and logistical support.

Recently, the City has seen increasing numbers of aid applications for a highly diverse range of artistic and cultural projects. To cater for this increasing demand, the City has published an application form for interested parties, who must fulfil the conditions stated below.

Eligible individuals, associations and projects

The aid is intended for non-profit associations, organisers of cultural events, businesses, artist troupes, groups, ensembles and collectives, and private individuals residing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and operating in the following sectors:

  • Visual arts, architecture, design and crafts
  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Multidisciplinary projects
  • Theatre and live performances
  • Circus and street art
  • Audiovisual creation, independent cinema
  • Heritage, history, folk traditions
  • Sociocultural

Deadline for applications

Applications for aid for cultural projects must be submitted to the City of Luxembourg at least six months prior to the scheduled start date.

Application and procedure

To enable the municipal authorities to process applications in as timely and equitable a manner as possible, organisers of cultural projects wishing to apply for aid from the City are asked to fill in the form below.

The completed form will be sent to the applicant's email address. It must then be signed and returned to the City's Coordination culturelle (Cultural Coordination Unit), either by post or email to

Applicants are advised that only duly completed forms submitted by the specified deadline will be considered. After examining the application, the City of Luxembourg reserves the right to grant or deny aid under the conditions defined by the administration.

The notice below specifies the application requirements and the rules governing the granting of aid for cultural projects. Please read it carefully.

Required documents

The application must include:

  • This form, completed and signed

  • A detailed description of the project(s)

  • A detailed draft budget for the project(s) in question

  • If you are an ASBL (non-profit organisation): a copy of the articles of association

  • If you are an artist: a detailed CV

  • Photos, reproductions or publications of previously created works including, where applicable, those that have received support from the City of Luxembourg (optional)

  • A press kit showcasing previous projects (optional)

  • Any other document you believe will help support your application