A journey through history in the picturesque Pfaffenthal district.

The flagship project, which highlights Luxembourg City's rich cultural and historic heritage, is unique. An experience taking visitors back to Pfaffenthal as it was in 1867 debuted in 2018. It marked the first time ever that VR had been used aboard a moving vehicle, with geolocation tracking. To make the project a reality, the Luxembourg City Photothèque and the two City Museums provided the necessary data to generate the VR.

On the approach to the old mustard mill, the "Muerbelsmillen", in Pfaffenthal, passengers are prompted to put on their VR goggles and select one of the four available languages: Luxembourgish, English, French or German, before going on with the tour. Users spend 15 minutes aboard a VR carriage going back in time to 1867, and travelling 1.2 km through Pfaffenthal. After that, they can remove their VR goggles and continue the rest of the tour as normal.

More information will follow shortly.