Experience the history of Luxembourg City like never before with virtual and augmented reality!

Virtual Reality

Embark on an exciting journey with Timetravel and experience life in different eras and neighbourhoods in the capital.

Virtual reality lets you travel through time alongside your coachman or tour guide, to experience the past as if you were there yourself.

Experience a unique simulated journey back in time in different parts of the capital! Take in virtual views of old Luxembourg City on this perfectly timed bus tour. This innovative new experience – created by Luxembourg City and Urban Timetravel – uses VR technology based on geolocation and allows bus passengers to view their surroundings exactly as they were in the past through virtual reality goggles. This journey through time is perfectly synchronised with the passengers' real-time circuit through modern Luxembourg City. Users travel through the real world on a bus, taking the exact same route as a virtual carriage in the past, and can compare the present-day sights with how they looked in the past.

Timetraveltours 2023

  • A virtual journey through Pfaffenthal in 1867
  • A virtual journey through Clausen around Mansfeld Castle in the 16th century (from summer 2023)

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality uses the computer-assisted, real-time visualisation of elements that are rooted in reality, such as images, videos or real-world models. This technology is used in a variety of areas, including video games, films and educational programmes.

Up until now, environment detection, which is useful for the correct positioning of an image or video in relation to the real object, has mainly been used indoors, and only rarely outdoors. The reason for this is the highly complex recognition algorithm, which has to function in the face of various parameters such as sun, shade, rain, etc.

The VdL-AR app provides additional information in the form of text, 2D and 3D images and videos so that the user can gain a better understanding of a place or object.

Tours in this app

  • The history of trade in the Unesco zone (The Luxembourg Time Traveller)

Augmented Reality App

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The app was developed in collaboration with DDG Benelux SA.

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