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Politics, policy and administration

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"Affichons l'égalité" gender equality initiative

The City of Luxembourg pays tribute to a number of women from diverse backgrounds who have a special relationship with Luxembourg City. Six streets and one squa...

"Retail" database

The City has created the "Retail" database to help increase the visibility of the city's shops. The aim of this database is to gather details about these shops ...

Solidarité adultes

Activities and tips for adults

Online activities and tips for adults (culture, nutrition, sport, and much more).

Place Guillaume II - projet


The City's policy priorities are transport, housing, economic and business attractiveness, and the environment. The budget is both a legal and political instrum...

College of aldermen: mission statement

Document in 13 sections providing detailed information on the priorities to be addressed by the college of aldermen over the 2017–2023 term.

Eduarda Macedo

Eduarda Macedo

Déi Gréng

FAQ on acquiring Luxembourgish nationality

Answers to frequently asked questions about acquiring Luxembourgish nationality: Do I need to apply in person? How do I prepare for my appointment at the Bierge...

Solidarité restauration

Food and drinks

A list of restaurants, caterers and shops that are open and have a delivery/takeaway service.

Gabriel Boisante

Gabriel Boisante

Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (LSAP)

General terms and conditions

Regulation on the competitions to award the vouchers purchased by the City of Luxembourg in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bierger-Center sur la Place Guillaume II

Join us!

To meet the future needs of its ever-changing population, Luxembourg City is expanding and evolving on a daily basis. You too can be part of our city's growth a...

Plateforme LetzShop

LetzShop: become a vendor

The e-commerce platform will be an online shop that brings together vendors from all over the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on one site. It will enable them to gain...

Luxembourg City's representatives in syndicates and public institutions

Social welfare office, Office social, SEBES, SICEC, SIDOR, SYVICOL, RGTP, CHL and Klimabündnis

parc Mansfeld

Mansfeld Symposium

Meeting of the municipal council of 1 March 2021

Progress of the tram works and the future of the Gare district - Completion and inauguration of the new football and rugby stadium - Use of chemical fertilisers...

Meeting of the municipal council of 11 June 2021

Patrols by the private security firm in the Gare district – Legal evictions and emergency accommodation – Calming traffic in the Gare district – "Sportwochen" o...

Meeting of the municipal council of 12 June 2020

Vulnerable people and remote working – Development of Place de la Constitution – Social housing and the Service Logement – Tramsschapp underground car park – Tw...

Meeting of the municipal council of 13 December 2021

Increase in the number of beggars in the City – Traffic in Rue de la Semois – Creation of a creative economy cluster in Luxembourg City – Grants to support the ...

Meeting of the municipal council of 14 December 2018

Inclusion of Rue Jules Fischer, Rue Nic. Martha and Bvd Kaltreis in the 30 km/h zone of the Bonnevoie-Sud district, and traffic and parking concept in the area ...

Meeting of the municipal council of 14 December 2020

Building permits – Permits to hold public events and gather signatures – City of Luxembourg's participation in "Vëlossummer 2021" – Music and dance classes for ...

Meeting of the municipal council of 14 June 2019

Tram use and frequency – Rented social housing in Luxembourg City – Parking permits for professional service providers – Unoccupied former school buildings

Meeting of the municipal council of 15 November 2021

Access to school buildings in Luxembourg City - Implementation of a new concept for the development of Place de l’Étoile - Development of Rue Anatole France in ...

Meeting of the municipal council of 16 December 2019

Social housing – Neighbours' Day – "Vous êtes ici" indicator on the network maps displayed at bus stops – Data regarding the length of stay in the City's paid c...

Meeting of the municipal council of 16 July 2021

Flooding on 14 and 15 July 2021 - Surface covering of the playground at the school on Rue Gellé

Meeting of the municipal council of 18 May 2020

Venues for wedding and civil-partnership ceremonies, restaurant and café terraces, and questions and answers in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.

Meeting of the municipal council of 18 November 2019

"Wanteraktioun" and emergency shelters – Venue for athletics events following the demolition of the Josy Barthel Stadium and construction of the "Wunnquartier S...

Meeting of the municipal council of 18 October 2021

new cycle lane along Avenue Pasteur – electromagnetic fields in Luxembourg City – anchoring of terrace separators at a wine bar – focus on the "Call-a-bus" serv...

Meeting of the municipal council of 19 November 2018

Marriage ceremonies in places other than City Hall - Sanitary facilities in Merl Park and in the playgrounds and parks of Luxembourg City - Rue Henri Vannérus c...

Meeting of the municipal council of 19 October 2020

Operation of the Rent Committee – Trees in public spaces – Protection of trees during private construction work – Park in the Pétrusse Valley and the apparent b...

Meeting of the Municipal Council of 23 October 2017

The "Stolpersteine" project - Access to the National Animal Shelter in Ban de Gasperich - Incivilities in Parc de Merl - Bicycle traffic in Luxembourg City - Bi...

Meeting of the municipal council of 25 January 2021

Security firm patrolling public spaces in the Gare district and in Bonnevoie - Waiving of rental income for business premises belonging to the City of Luxembour...

Meeting of the municipal council of 25 May 2020

Construction projects: shift work – Saturday work – establishment of a mobile works team – Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the municipal budget – Recycling Cen...

Meeting of the municipal council of 27 January 2020

Dog poo in public spaces – Legal framework applicable to begging – Dry-stone walls – Covered bicycle parking facilities – Pedestrian crossing lights in Luxembou...

Meeting of the Municipal Council of 28 March 2022

Reception of Ukrainian refugees – Gasperich elementary school – Environmental and social footprint of municipal employees' workwear – Place Jeanne d'Arc in Bonn...

Meeting of the municipal council of 28 September 2020

City intervention when tenants are evicted – Tenth anniversary of the Luxembourg City Film Festival – Pedestrian and cycle path running between Cents, Neudorf a...

Meeting of the municipal council of 29 March 2021

Early vaccination of the chair of the board of directors of the <i>Hospices Civils de la Ville</i> against Covid-19 – Rapid Covid-19 testing strategy in Luxembo...

Meeting of the municipal council of 3 December 2018

Introduction of the new self-driving shuttle service linking the Pfaffenthal elevator and the Kirchberg funicular elevator – Fire that broke out on 14 September...

Meeting of the municipal council of 6 December 2021

serious unrest during a protest against COVID-19 restrictions on 4 December 2021

Meeting of the municipal council of 6 July 2020

Activities of the Service Sports this summer – Catering in municipal foyers scolaires – Accessibility of parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility – Remo...

Meeting of the municipal council of 6 May 2019

Rubbish at Place Guillaume after the "Fridays for future" demonstration – CCTV surveillance in Bonnevoie – Distribution of access cards for the recycling centre...

Meeting of the municipal council of 7 December 2020

The CAL-SPORA Luxembourg (CSL) athletics club – The City of Luxembourg's hiring of a private security firm to patrol the Gare district

Meeting of the municipal council of 7 May 2018

Traffic in Gasperich, snow removal and salting, children's homework assistance program, pilot project for gifted children, deliveries and the heavy vehicle traf...

Meeting of the municipal council of 7 October 2019

Fire in Rousegäertchen car park – Fault at the Beggen treatment plant – Closure of the post office in Bonnevoie – Dogs in Luxembourg City – Sponsoring the city'...

Meeting of the municipal council of 8 July 2019

Interest in participating in MinettKompost - Cents-Kirchberg pedestrian bridge - Parking guidance system - Footpath to access the St George's School in Hamm - R...

Meeting of the municipal council of 9 December 2019

Community gardens – Energy-efficiency upgrade of municipal buildings – Floor of Saint Alphonse church – Compensation and support for traders affected by the tra...

Meeting of the municipal council of 9 July 2018

Plans for the old Gare police station in Rue Glesener – Future development of Kirchberg – Participatory housing – Ecole du Kiem – Foyer Scolaire on Rue Verte, C...

Meeting of the municipal council of 9 November 2020

Noise pollution in Luxembourg City – Trees along Boulevard de la Fraternité – Dead trees in the "Jardin anglais" playground in Gasperich – Repurposing work on t...

Meeting of the Municipal Council on 18 June 2018

Coffee-Bike - Parking places for people with reduced mobility in Gasperich - Relocation of the Hariko project - Traffic in Rue Schetzel and Rue des Sources - Fl...

Meeting of the municipal council on 22 October 2018

Energy poverty in Luxembourg City – Small forest in the Mühlenbach district – Face covering – Parking permits for work purposes – Student salaries – Synthetic t...

Meeting of the Municipal Council on 26 March 2018

Late night events at Rives de Clausen and in the establishments in Rue de la Tour Jacob - Occupation of ground floors in the city centre - Establishment of a pr...

Meeting of the municipal council on 27 September 2021

emergency aid for residents of districts flooded on 14–15 July 2021 – future of the old Luxembourg National Library building – parking and access for persons wi...

Meeting of the municipal council on 28 January 2019

Fire in Hamm on 14 September 2018 – Bedbug infestation at the Cinémathèque – European elections – vel'OH! service - Twice-weekly markets at Place de Paris

Meeting of the Municipal Council on 29 January 2018

Installation of concrete blocks; Safety measures - Traffic and parking problems in Rue Pierre d'Aspelt - Automobile traffic in Eicherfeld - Risk of flooding and...

Meeting of the Municipal Council on 5 March 2018

Tram construction work - Lighting of pedestrian crossings - Homeless people during cold weather - The Cessange childcare centre

Les membres du collège échevinal 2019


Lydie Polfer, Serge Wilmes, Simone Beissel, Patrick Goldschmidt, Colette Mart, Laurent Mosar and Maurice Bauer.

Members and alternate members

The municipal advisory committee on integration (<em>commission consultative communale d'intégration</em> – CCCI) comprises 24 members (12 regular members and 1...

Santé mentale - aide

Mental health and well-being

As we all try to come to terms with the current COVID-19 pandemic, some of us may develop feelings of anxiety and helplessness, and in some cases even mental-he...

Municipal advisory committee on integration

The municipal advisory committee on integration comprises 24 members (12 regular members and 12 alternate members) who are appointed for a six-year term.

Bierger-Center sur la Place Guillaume II

Online services

Online services provided by the City, such as registering a change of residence, requesting various certificates, and requesting birth, marriage and death certi...

Hôtel de Ville sur la place Guillaume II

Organisation and operation of political bodies

The municipal council is elected for a six-year term by Luxembourg City's residents and rules on all matters concerning the interests of the city and its reside...

os-assistants sociaux

L'Office social de la Ville de Luxembourg (ci-après dénommé « OSVdL »), établissement public, se propose d'engager : trois assistants sociaux (m/f) à plein temp...

Solidarity kids

Other activities for children

A list of initiatives or platforms with educational, cultural, scientific, artistic and/or fun activities for children and young people.

Paying your bills and taxes

Payment of municipal bills at the cash desk, by direct debit or wire transfer, property taxes, and information on the sending of tax cards

Personal data

Data and information collected by the City of Luxembourg

Manfeld Portrait

Peter Ernst I von Mansfeld


Property of the Crown (1604–1797)

Protection of personal data

Data and information collected by the City of Luxembourg

Request a certificate or an extract

Certificate of residence, long-form certificate of residence, certificate of voter registration, certificate of life Birth, marriage and death certificates Orde...

Role and activities

The CCCI works closely with the Service Intégration et besoins spécifiques (Integration and Special Needs Department) to implement concrete projects to promote ...

Séance du conseil communal du 20 avril 2020

Questions et réponses dans le cadre de la crise du Covid-19.

Services proposés par le Konviktsgaart

Senior citizens

Useful numbers and links for senior citizens and users of the Téléalarme personal alert system during this difficult time.

Solidarité commerces


A list of shops, companies or sole traders that sell clothing, books, flowers, accessories, etc. and have a delivery and/or pick-up service.

Smart Governance

Citizen participation in budget discussions, transparency of public data and other measures

Solidarity benefits

Who can apply and how: Any resident of Luxembourg City who receives cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund may apply for solidarity benefits ...

Mansfeld drone

Urbanisation du site (1797-2022)

Centre de vaccination - Hall Victor Hugo

Vaccination centre

Free transport service to the vaccination centre (for residents aged 65 and older)

Video surveillance on buses: protection of your personal data

A key objective of the City of Luxembourg ("the City") is to provide residents with a user-friendly service. It therefore goes without saying that protecting yo...

Written replies (January 2022)

Tonicités project – Remote working

Written responses (September 2021)

Operating costs of a church – Unauthorised dumping of waste – Relocation of the Office social – Living conditions of housing – Old project to build a pedestrian...

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