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How to get water in your home

Whether you own your home or are renting, to sign up for water service, you must inform the Service Eaux (Water Department) of your moving-in date, along with the number on the water meter on that date. The account will be transferred as at the date on which the meter is read.

You will then receive a water supply contract by post. This contract must be duly signed and returned to the Service Eaux. By signing this contract, you accept the general and special terms of supply in the municipal regulation on water distribution, as well as the applicable tax regulation.

In the event of a change of occupant in a multi-unit building (apartment, commercial premises, multiple floors, etc.), please contact the homeowner association or building manager.

To simplify this process, please use the water meter transfer request form, which can be found under the link below.

How to turn off your water

You may terminate your water supply contract at any time in writing at the offices of the Service Eaux. If you decide to move out of your current home, a final meter reading will be carried out and a statement of account will be issued. The termination for your water service contract will take effect from the date on which the meter is read.

Please note that you will still owe any tax not yet collected until you are issued a final statement of account, which is required to close your account.

Below you will find all the information you need to provide when getting in touch with the Service Eaux:

  • place of use (address of the property, object identifier – OID)
  • if the property has changed owner: a copy of the deed of sale (only the first page or the first and second pages, with the names of the seller(s) and the buyer(s))
  • name and address of the new water service customer (owner or tenant)
  • social security number (matricule) of the new water service customer (if available)
  • meter reading (as at the arrival or departure date)
  • arrival/departure date
  • previous customer's new address (for the final adjusted bill)
  • customer's telephone number


The amount billed for water is made up of a fixed component, based on the size of the water meter, and a variable component, based on water consumption.

The water meter measures, in cubic metres, the volume of water that you have used over a given period of time, and for which you will be charged.

Variable component

The variable component, which is proportional to annual consumption, is set at €2.25/m3 (+3% VAT).

Fixed component

The fixed component based on meter size is €2 per mm of diameter. For composite meters, the price is increased by €38.10.


Water consumption is billed in four quarterly instalments followed by an annual adjustment.

For questions concerning payments/reminders or direct debit, please contact the Service Recette communale (City Treasury) directly.

Contact details

Recette communale

3, rue du Laboratoire
L-1911 Luxembourg

Tél. : 4796-2020 (paiements)
Tél. : 4796-2919 (domiciliations)

Water meter

  • Protecting the meter from freezing.
  • A water meter is a calibrated measuring device and must be handled carefully.
  • You should be present when your meter is replaced.

Meter reading

If you were absent when our municipal agent came by your home to read the water meter, please record the information on your meter using the form provided below and send us this reading.

Municipal regulations on water distribution


the department

Contact details

338, rue du Rollingergrund
L-2442 Luxembourg

Getting there by bus

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:00

Out-of-hours service