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Plan nouveau Knuedler

Ville-Haute: Place Guillaume II

Upgrade works will last until 2024.

Parking Knuedler chantier escalier

Ville-Haute: Underground car park at Place Guillaume II

Extension and renovation works will be ongoing at the Knuedler car park until 2023.


Ville-Haute: Rue Louvigny

Upgrade works will last until July 2021.

chantier icon

Bonnevoie : Rue de Pont-Rémy

Travaux de réaménagement à Bonnevoie: Rue de Pont-Rémy entre rue Xavier de Feller et rue Demy Schlechter jusqu'en 2022.

Vieille ville projet

Old Town: redevelopment project

The aim of this project is to replace and enhance the area's infrastructure, as well as to strengthen the appeal of the historic Old Town, in particular for sho...

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Grund and Cents: Rue de Trèves & Rue de Cents

Upgrade works will last until May 2022.

Chantier rue de la Boucherie

Old Town: Rue de la Boucherie

Redevelopment work will be carried out in the Old Town until 2021: Rue de la Boucherie, Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Rue du Curé, Rue du Palais de Justice and Gran...

Luxtram chantier

Gare: Luxtram road works on Avenue de la Liberté

Next phase of the Luxtram road works on Avenue de la Liberté until 2021.

Réaménagement de la place de Paris

Gare: Redevelopment of Place de Paris

Works for this three-phase project will last until 2021.


Gare and Hollerich: Rue de Hollerich

Upgrade works will last until 2020.


Bonnevoie: Rue Marguerite-Séraphine Beving, Rue Xavier de Feller, Rue Jean-Baptiste Gellé, Rue Henri Vannérus, and Rue Pierre Krier

Infrastructure work will last until 2021.


Cents: Boulevard Jules Salentiny and Rue Henri Frommes

Upgrade works will last until 2020.


Cents: School building on Rue Léon Kauffman

Extension of the school building, sports centre and underground car park. Works ongoing until 2020.


Cessange: Rue des Artisans, Bei der Härewiss, Rue de Bouillon, Rue de Cessange

Infrastructure work will last until 2022.

Parc Ban de Gasperich

Gasperich: Public park development project – Ban de Gasperich

16.6 hectares of green space. The park will have a playground, grassy areas, a sports field, and much more!

Visuel du projet nouveau Centre national d’incendie et de secours

Gasperich: National Fire and Rescue Centre

Construction of the new National Fire and Rescue Centre.


Gasperich: Rue Christophe Plantin, Rue François Hogenberg and Rue Père Raphaël

Infrastructure work until 2020.

Visuel du projet stade extérieur

Gasperich: Stade de Luxembourg

Construction of the new football/rugby stadium with a playing field and 9,385 covered seats for spectators.

Renaturation écologique Parc Vallée de la Pétrusse

The Grund: Ecological redevelopment of the Pétrusse Valley

Click here to learn all about the land restoration project for the redevelopment of the Pétrusse and the park situated along this waterway.


Kirchberg: Rue des Cigales, Val des Bons Malades

Infrastructure work until 2020.


Limpertsberg: Boulevard Emmanuel Servais and Boulevard Paul Eyschen

Upgrade works will last until 2022.


Limpertsberg: Léandre Lacroix

The City is carrying out upgrade works on Rue Léandre Lacroix.

Vivre sans voiture projet lauréat 1

Limpertsberg: Car-free living

The 7,000-square-metre site proposed to house the car-free living pilot project is located in Limpertsberg, a 15-minute walk from the city centre, on a block bo...


Merl: Rue des Ligures, Rue de la Barrière, Rue de Virton and Rue de St Gengoul

Upgrade works will last until 2022.


Neudorf: Rue de Neudorf

Construction of a new water drain on Rue de Neudorf, until May 2021.


Rollingergrund: Rue Jean-François Boch and Rue Louis Deny

Upgrade, replacement and enhancement works ongoing until 2022.


Drains between two water treatment plants

Construction of a wastewater drainage system connecting the water treatment plants in Bonnevoie and Beggen, with completion expected in 2020.

Vision Ecole Cents

New school buildings

Keen to provide its students with a learning environment that is as modern and comfortable as possible, the City is committed to adapting its new buildings to t...

Chantier en Ville

Other major projects

In addition to the projects run by the City, other project owners are planning and carrying out work on sites of public interest.

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