Project description

The Rue de Strasbourg redevelopment project is being undertaken in the Gare district, between Rue de Hollerich and Avenue de la Liberté.

The following streets will be directly affected by the project:

  • Rue de Strasbourg

The project involves the renovation and upgrade of utilities infrastructure and street-level development works, as described below:

VDL – Service Voirie (Department of Streets)

  • Upgrade of public thoroughfares outside of zones that fall within the remit of other municipal departments.
  • Complete upgrade of public thoroughfares:
    • Implementation of a 20 km/hour zone between Avenue de la Liberté and Rue du Fort Wedell.
    • Implementation of a 30 km/hour zone between Rue du Fort Wedell and Place Merkels.
    • Complete rebuild of the superstructure.
    • Paving-slab or paving-stone pavement.
    • Marking out of the on-street parking zone (2.00 metres in width) using pigmented Luxembourg sandstone paving stones (dim.: 20 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm).
    • Trees used as separators.
    • Construction of pedestrian crossings adapted for use by people with reduced mobility (tactile strips).
    • Analyses of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contamination performed.

Roadway layout and dimensions for junctions and intersections, as well as cycle lanes, were determined jointly by the Service Voirie (Department of Streets) and the Service Circulation (Traffic Department).

Decision by the College of Aldermen (see meeting of 25/09/21 and L. Vanetti's email dated 11/11/21) not to include a cycle lane along Rue de Strasbourg as part of the redevelopment project

VDL – Service Eaux (Water Department)

  • Replacement of the aging water mains.
  • Replacement of aging home connections.

VDL – Service Éclairage Public (Public Lighting Department)

  • Replacement of public lighting cabling and base elements.
  • Lamps will be replaced by the National Roads Administration (Administration des ponts et chaussées) at their own expense
  • (City Soul lamps requested by the College of Aldermen).
  • Upgrade of electrical cabinets to bring them up to code by placing an electricity metre between the mains – which belong to Creos S.A. – and the public lighting network.
  • Installation of special lighting at pedestrian crossings to improve visibility of pedestrians.
  • Laying of a spare conduit.

VDL - Service Technologies de l'information et de la communication – TIC (ICT Department)

  • Extension and/or upgrade of the City of Luxembourg's fibre-optic network as part of the execution of the related Master Plan.
  • Extension of the City of Luxembourg's Wi-Fi network.
  • Upgrade of electrical cabinets to bring them up to code by placing an electricity metre between the mains – which belong to Creos S.A. – and the ICT network.

Creos S.A., Division Electricité

  • Upgrade of the medium-voltage (20 kV) grid.
  • Replacement of the aging low-voltage (220V) grid.
  • Laying of a spare low-voltage conduit for future building connections.
  • Upgrade of non-compliant or aging private connections.

Creos S.A., Division Gaz

  • Replacement of the aging water mains.
  • Replacement of aging home connections, with valves embedded in the pavement and "Gas-STOP" lock-off valves at the connection with the mains.

Post Technologies

  • Extension and/or upgrade of the fibre-optic broadband network as part of the completion of the FTTH ("Fibre To The Home") project.
  • Replacement of private connections for the extension of the fibre-optic network.


  • Removal of façade-mounted cable television wiring systems.
  • Modernisation of existing cable television network systems.

Works schedule

Commencement of works: March 2023
Planned completion: End of 2025

Civic engagement process

The project began in September 2014. Since then, several civic-engagement meetings have been held.

Your home utilities connections

  • Representatives from the various City departments and private contractors involved will visit residents' homes during the project.
  • The condition of existing connections will be assessed.
  • If you wish to have your existing connections replaced, please inform the City's and/or private contractors' representatives when they visit your home.

If you have any problems with your gas, water or communications networks, please contact the departments below, which are open 24/7:

  • Service Eaux – Tel.: 4796-3003
  • Creos Électricité - Tel.: 8002-9900
  • Post Luxembourg - Tel.: 8002-8004
  • Eltrona - Tel.: 499-466-888

Stay informed

To make life easier for residents while these works are being carried out, the City of Luxembourg has implemented a series of measures, including the option to participate in work-site meetings. Residents affected by the works may participate in these meetings to air any grievances they may have, and obtain additional information on the progress of the works.

Your contacts for this work site

Department Contact person

Telephone number

VDL – Service Eaux

Tom Wagner


VDL – Service Circulation

Adrianus Den Hollander


VDL – Service Éclairage public

Karim Ainahi


VDL – Service Voirie

Joé Welter


VDL – Construction mediator


CREOS Luxembourg Gaz

Diane Hoffmann


CREOS Luxembourg Electricité

Claude Almeida


POST Télécommunication

Marc Mersch