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"Rencontres sans frontières" is organised together with the Liaison and Action Committee for Foreigners (Comité des liaisons des associations d'étrangers – CLAE) and OPTIN.

The purpose of the event is to foster social integration and cohesion among people from the various communities living in Luxembourg, through sport and intercultural exchange.

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Taking part in "Rencontres sans frontières" is free!

Are you interested in participating as an individual or as a team? Are you part of an association or folk group that would like to organise an event or activity or operate a booth? If so, please register by following the link below, sending us an email ( or calling us (+352 691 712 700). Places are limited.

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00, or by appointment

the department

Contact details

90, Boulevard de Kockelscheuer
L-1821 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and 14:30–16:30

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