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Tree officer programme

Adopt a tree!

Activités enfants _ Märchenwald

About us

The objective of the <i>activités-nature </i>programme is to offer and promote educational activities centred on nature, the environment and sustainable develop...

enfants jouant dans la forêt


Discover nature with all your senses at Haus vun der Natur, the nature centre in Kockelscheuer offering activities organised as part of the curriculum for Luxem...

Icône adaptation changement climatique

Adapting to climate change

Rainwater collection, green roof.

parc municipal de la Ville en automne

Autumn and winter services

Collection of fallen leaves, clearing of snow, and salting of public roads, squares, bus stops, cycle paths and footpaths in parks.

Illustration de l'inauguration du château d'eau Ban de Gasperich

Ban de Gasperich water tower

Luxembourg City is undergoing rapid growth, and both the number of residents and the city’s working population are increasing steadily.

step beggen

Beggen: water treatment plant

Extension of the Beggen water treatment plant. Works will be ongoing until 2030.

Clearing of snow

Clearing of snow from pavements in winter. Assistance provided to persons living alone who are over 65 and/or have specific needs.

Collection calendar

Don't miss pickup day! Check the collection calendar to find out when the different types of household waste are collected on your street.

Jardin communautaire Ville Haute-Gare

Community gardens

Luxembourg City's ecological and social gardening project.

Connection to the gas and electricity networks

For technical questions concerning the gas and electricity grids (connections, metre installations, grid repairs), please contact Creos Luxembourg S.A.



Hot drinks to go are an important part of the morning routine for a large portion of the working population. However, these drinks are generally served in dispo...

Fontaine O'Claire

Drinking fountains and public toilets

The City of Luxembourg provides drinking fountains and toilet facilities to the public free of charge.

Verre d'eau

Drinking water

A precious and vital resource

gobelets réutilisables

Eco-friendly events

We are committed to ensuring events held in Luxembourg City are eco-friendly, by investing in reusable containers, promoting public transport and reducing energ...

Icône mobilité électrique

Electric transport

Charging point.

Icône efficacité énergétique et durabilité

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Purchase and repair of household electrical appliances, replacement of a heating circulation pump

enfants jouant dans la forêt


Over 20% of Luxembourg City land is covered in forest (total: 1055 hectares).


From spring to tap

A precious and vital resource

Parc Ban de Gasperich

Gasperich: Public park development project – Ban de Gasperich

16.6 hectares of green space. The park will have a playground, grassy areas, a sports field, and much more!

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Keep our city clean

What you can do to keep our city clean (littering, street and pavement cleaning, hedges and shrubs, signage, graffiti, etc.)

quartier du Grund, vue sur le jardin du Klouschtergaart


Conservation of rare and endangered useful plants, awareness raising and knowledge transfer

Kockeldiko Nature Celebration

The grand nature festival, with its many workshops, stands and games on the theme of the forest, garden and more, will delight both youngsters and adults.


Limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields

The rise of cutting-edge communications technologies goes hand in hand with an increase in electromagnetic radiation.

Intérieur captage d'eau Siweburen

Luxembourg City springs

Spring water collection systems operated by the City of Luxembourg

parc municipal de la Ville

Luxembourg City's commitment to the environment

Luxembourg City is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of its residents through agreements and partnerships with organisations certified in environm...

Marché Ville-Haute

Markets in Luxembourg City

Vast selection of products: regional, seasonal and organic products, flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, baked goods, roast chickens, pasta, ...

activités-nature _ enfants en forêt

Overview of activities

The activities centre on the forest, nature, life on the farm, gardening, and sustainable development. Whenever possible, they are held outside in order to give...


Protecting our municipal forests

The City of Luxembourg owns 1,055 hectares of forests, covering over 20% of its total area.

Collecte en porte à porte

Reduce your waste

Some suggestions and useful links

Icône installations pour énergies renouvelables

Renewable energy installations

Solar thermal and/or photovoltaic systems, wood pellet or wood chip boilers, heat pumps.

Icône rénovations énergétiques

Renovations to improve energy efficiency

Insulation, windows and French windows.

Une personne remplit une carafe avec de l'eau du robinet.

Save water

16 tips to help reduce water consumption


Smart Environment

Now available online: solar map and WiFi network mapping tool, up-to-date monthly information on air quality and many new projects currently being analysed.

Accroche Environnement

Subsidies aimed at combatting climate change

Overview of the subsidies aimed at combatting climate change.

Renaturation écologique Parc Vallée de la Pétrusse

The Grund: Ecological redevelopment of the Pétrusse Valley

Click here to learn all about the land restoration project for the redevelopment of the Pétrusse and the park situated along this waterway.

Centre nature_Kockelscheuer

The nature centre

Located in the countryside outside the city, the "activités-nature" programme welcomes groups from the city's primary schools to the nature centre in Kockelsche...

Illustration des anciens véhicules du Service Hygiène

The Service Hygiène: looking back on 120 years

The Service Hygiène, then and now

la forêt Bambësch en automne

Walking and running

Explore Luxembourg City's forests: 7 marked trails in Bambësch Forest, 6 marked trails in Hamm, Cents and Bonnevoie, 1 marked trail in Kockelscheuer and lots of...

chien parc

Walking your dog

Dog areas and dog poo bags

Compteur d'eau

Water: connecting your home

Turning on, turning off, pricing and water meter for drinking water.


Wood fires: how to be environmentally responsible

Luxembourg City, which has over a thousand hectares of forest, has decided to open up the sale of quality firewood from its forests to its residents, selling it...