Insulation of walls, roofs and flooring slabs, and replacement of windows and French windows

This grant application can only be submitted for homes (single-family or two-family homes or apartments) in Luxembourg City.

Subsidies for energy improvements through renovation may be granted for the following types of work:

  • External insulation of walls
  • Internal insulation of walls
  • Insulation of grounded walls or areas without heating
  • Insulation of flat or sloping roofs
  • Insulation of upper-floor slabs in contact with unheated areas
  • Insulation of ground-floor slabs in contact with unheated areas, the ground or the outside
  • Replacement of windows and French windows

This grant will not be awarded for:

  • Installations using second-hand equipment
  • Work/investments which have not been subsidised by the State;
  • Work/investment subsidised by the State, but for which the ministerial decision on the amount of the subsidy pre-dates the entry into force of this regulation (1 December 2022).

Amount granted

The City grants 50% of the amount of the State grant.

Conditions for awarding grants

The grant application must be submitted, together with all required supporting documents, within no more than than 6 months of receiving the ministerial decision specifying the amount of the State grant.

Documents to be submitted with the application

  • the ministerial decision detailing the amount of the State grant;
  • the applicant's bank account details.



Building inspection regulations

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