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Activités enfants _ Märchenwald

About us

The objective of the <em>activités-nature</em> programme is to offer and promote educational activities centred on nature, the environment and sustainable devel...

enfants jouant dans la forêt


Discover nature with all your senses at Haus vun der Natur, the nature centre in Kockelscheuer offering activities organised as part of the curriculum for Luxem...

une petite

Activities for children

Overview of the extra-curricular activities for children organised by CAPEL.

Illustration du cover de l'écologique avec le titre "une rentrée écologique"

Back to school: going green

Think green: a few tips for making going to school more eco-friendly



Information and sign-up details for walking bus ("Pedibus") chaperones.

Chèque service accueil

Chèque-Service Accueil

The childcare service voucher scheme (chèque-service accueil – CSA) grants parents reduced rates for non-formal education and childcare services, depending on a...

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso – The Cinémathèque for kids

All the magic of cinema on the big screen.

COSL Spillfest

COSL Spillfest

Popular sports day in May for children and young people, which offers them to the chance to discover a range of sports disciplines. ​

Capel - Projet "Liewege Bësch"

Educational projects

CAPEL regularly develops educational projects for primary school classes under the remit of Luxembourg City's Service Enseignement (Department of Education), as...

garderobe dans une crèche

Enrolling your child in school

Every child who reaches the age of 4 by 1 September must begin attending school that same year. Municipal schools are free of charge for children who live in Lu...

éducatrices avec des enfants

Foyers scolaires

Extracurricular supervision for school-age children (3–12) in high-quality care and support structures adapted to the needs of children and their families


How it works and registration

Following fixed routes, the Walking Bus ("Pedibus") operates across the city and collects children from set stops. To use this service, you must sign up.

Kanner in the City 2022

Kanner in the City

Every year, the city centre is transformed into a giant playground for children for an entire weekend as part of the "Kanner in the City" festival.

Kockeldiko Fest vun der Natur 2019

Kockeldiko Nature Celebration

The grand nature festival, with its many workshops, stands and games on the theme of the forest, garden and more, will delight both youngsters and adults.

Capel - Projet "Giruli"

Leisure activities

This programme includes outdoor and indoor games ("Aktioun Bambësch", etc.), creative, artistic and sporting activities, discovery walks and workshops, theatric...

repas de midi dans une crèche de la Ville de Luxembourg

Municipal crèches

High-quality care for 400 children from 3 months to 4 years of age during parents' working hours in 6 municipal crèches

enfants jouant sur la place Guillaume II lors de la fête de jeux pour enfants Kanner in the City

Other activities for children

In addition to the activities organised by CAPEL, children who attend public primary school in Luxembourg City have access to a wide array of extra-curricular a...

activités-nature _ enfants en forêt

Overview of activities

The activities centre on the forest, nature, life on the farm, gardening, and sustainable development. Whenever possible, they are held outside in order to give...

des adultes

Parenting School

aires de jeux bambesch


Public playgrounds, themed playgrounds and school yards. A hotline is available for reporting damage or other issues.

repas de midi dans une crèche de la Ville de Luxembourg

Promoting children's health

Health-related activities and initiatives aim to encourage children and their families to make healthier choices in terms of diet and daily activities.

Inscription aux cours de la Ville

Public elementary schools

Information on Cycles 1 to 4 and the guidance procedure for choosing a secondary education track.

enfants dans une crèche de la Ville de Luxembourg

Recommendations for parents

What should I do if my child is ill? Protect your child by getting them vaccinated, Getting enough exercise is important, Oral hygiene, Head lice, Multilinguali...

garderobe dans une crèche

Registration and practical information

Information for children in Cycles 1 through 4 on registration, class schedules, guided study, school catchment areas and school trips.

kayaks sur l'eau

S.d.S Sport-wochen

Sports camps called "S.d.S. Sport-Wochen": 4- to 7-day sports courses for young people aged 11 to 17, with or without overnight stays, in Luxembourg City, elsew...

Inscription aux cours de la Ville

School grants

The City of Luxembourg gives grants to young people who are successfully pursuing full-time post-primary studies.

aire de jeux Merl

School holidays and breaks

The 2023/2024 school year begins on Friday, 15 September 2023 and ends on Monday, 15 July 2024.

un garçon qui pêche

Socio-cultural events

Every year, CAPEL organises and hosts a number of fun-filled, socio-cultural events for the general public (such as <i>Weltspilldag</i><i></i>)

mains d'enfants tenant de la plasticine

Taking account of children's and parents' needs

Schools, childcare centres and crèches are places that provide guidance and direction to parents as well as their children.

Centre nature_Kockelscheuer

The nature centre

Located in the countryside outside the city, the "activités-nature" programme welcomes groups from the city's primary schools to the nature centre in Kockelsche...

Enfants lors du trajet Pedibus

Walking Bus

Let's work together to ease traffic and minimise the number of cars around schools! The Walking Bus delivers children to their schools under the supervision of ...