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Rules governing the allocation of school grants

By virtue of the municipal regulation of 7 May 2018 on the allocation of school grants (Règlement du 7 mai 2018 sur l'allocation d’un subside d'études aux élèves et étudiants s'adonnant à des études postprimaires), a grant is given at the beginning of the school year to children who, on 1 October of the current year, have had their usual place of residence in Luxembourg City for at least one year and are in full-time post-primary education (university, institute of higher education, lycée classique, lycée technique, other type of secondary education, etc.) .

This means that all pupils and students who have resided in the City of Luxembourg since at least 1 October 2018 and are in full-time post-primary education can apply for a school grant.

Application form

The application form below is available until 31 October 2020. A paper version is also available during this period from the Service Jeunesse et intervention sociale (Youth and Social Intervention Department).

The office hours for submitting applications are Monday to Friday (13:00–17:00). Applications, together with supporting documentation, must be submitted by 31 October 2020 to Service Jeunesse et intervention sociale, 28, place Guillaume, L-2090 Luxembourg (tel.: 4796-2728).


the department

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