As an integral part of the Service Jeunesse et intervention sociale (Youth and Social Intervention Department), the Service Jeunesse (Youth Department) maintains an inventory of all activities geared towards young people. It also guides and coordinates the establishment of partnerships with specific associations and groups, addresses the issues specific to non-organised youth and, more generally, serves as an intermediary between youths and the municipal authorities.

The Service Jeunesse also supports certain projects. Local youth organisations can contact the Service Jeunesse about financial support, the provision of existing premises and the construction of new premises.

action de ramassage de déchets en collaboration avec sea shepherd le 23 novembre 2019


Giving young people a sense of responsibility by inviting them to pick up litter around the school campus (Service Hygiène – Lycée Aline Mayrich).

City Party

City Party

The first-ever City Party is being organised by the City's Service Jeunesse to allow young people aged 12 to 17 to enjoy a night of music and dancing as various...

Future Talent Stage Banner

Future Talent Stage

Music festival for young people from Luxembourg City and surrounding areas: created as a platform for teenagers, it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate th...

une jeune fille


Support and counselling centre for young people at <i>Place Guillaume II</i><i></i>

Intra Urban Youth Dance Festival

Intra-Urban Youth Dance Festival

Dance festival, with participants from various Luxembourg youth centres

personne jouant au piano devant le Palais Grand-Ducal

My Urban Piano

To liven up the streets of Luxembourg City, pianos will be set up all across town in popular thoroughfares, at tourist spots, in residential neighbourhoods and ...

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Beginner and advanced Parkour courses are regularly offered.

Proufraim 1831

Proufraim 1831

In a restored barn in Dommeldange, the City has three rehearsal rooms and a break room for young people interested in making music.

Inscription aux cours de la Ville

School grants

The City of Luxembourg gives grants to young people who are successfully pursuing full-time post-primary studies.

salle de jusstice dans la cité judiciaire

Secret places

Discover places that are usually closed to the general public. Find out how to join us in exploring the unusual places Luxembourg City has decided to open for s...

aire de jeux Kaltreis

Youth centres and clubs

Nine youth centres and clubs are located throughout the city.