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Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)

The Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (Department of Public Spaces, Festivals and Markets) is tasked with coordinating the design, development, furnishing and occupation of public spaces, as well as organising and coordinating events that take place in the City of Luxembourg's public spaces.

Schueberfouer 2019


Find out how to get to and from the Schueberfouer!

Add your event to the calendar

If you want your event listed on the Calendar pages of this website or in City magazine, enter your event information into the database.

Brocante sur la Place d'Armes

Antique market

Market held on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at Place d'Armes selling curios, collector's items and other treasures

Brocante sur la Place d'Armes

Become a vendor at festivals and markets

Setting up a stall at one of the City's markets: what you need to



Old Luxembourgish tradition: Buergbrennen takes place on Buergsonnden, the Sunday after Carnival Sunday

marché de Noël sur la place de la Constitution

Christmas markets

Enjoy the festive atmosphere, surrounded by charming chalets and giant Christmas trees. Discover artisanal products made in Luxembourg and from all over Europe,...

Composition of the management team

A number of departments and bodies are in charge of managing and developing events.

graffiti sur palissade de chantier sur la place Guillaume II

Construction site hoardings

Construction site hoardings are an ideal space for exhibiting ephemeral art, as the built-in end date perfectly reflects the nature of this art form.

Eco-friendly events

We are committed to ensuring events held in Luxembourg City are eco-friendly, by investing in reusable containers, promoting public transport and reducing energ...

Illustration Péckvillercher


The iconic Éimaischen market is craft fair that mainly features pottery and ceramics.

vide-grenier sur la place Guillaume II

Flea market

The flea market is a second-hand market held at Place Guillaume II or on Avenue de la Gare on the first Sunday of each month from April to October.

Illustration du Glacismaart


Monthly Sunday market for fruits and vegetables, foods of all kinds, flowers and plants, textiles, household items, other miscellaneous products and antiques.

grande fête foraine Schueberfouer

History and picture gallery

Our Schueberfouer has a lengthy history and is one of the few uniquely Luxembourgish traditions that survive to this day.

feux d'artifice la veille de la Fête Nationale

National Day

On National Day, Luxembourg celebrates the birthday of its reigning monarch. This tradition started with Grand Duchess Charlotte, whose birthday was on 23 Janua...

kermesse à la Gare, place de Paris

Neighbourhood fairs

A number of neighbourhood fairs are held throughout the year across the city

marché de l'Octave


A traditional 16-day market whose roots can be traced to the Octave of Pentecost – a religious holiday held to honour the Virgin Mary, who is the patron saint o...

marché de l'Octave

Operating a food truck

List and locations of food trucks currently in operation, instructions for operators, rent, and application form.

Organising an event

Applying for permits, all-nights permits, amusement tax, eco-friendly events and adding your event to our calendars.

Art urbain sur mur d’expression libre à Dommeldange

Pilot projects

To cater to the growing number of artists and the diversity of styles, Luxembourg City provides local artists with various platforms for a limited time.

grande fête foraine Schueberfouer

Practical information

Practical information about: public toilets, ATMs, police stations, lost child services, water fountains, Wi-Fi zone, contact information.

grande fête foraine Schueberfouer


Check out the full programme for the 2019 Schueberfouer!


Selling in public spaces

Locations, fees, authorised products and structures, sale of handicrafts, occasional and irregularly occurring sales, general terms and conditions, application ...

Grand rue avec piétons

Street performances

The City allows artists to put on street performances, subject to certain conditions.

personnes sur marché hebdomadaire sur la Place Guillaume II

Twice-weekly markets

An enormous selection of products: regional, seasonal and organic, flowers and plants, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, baked goods, roast chickens, pasta, ch...

Art urbain dans la rue louvigny par l'artiste Sumo

Urban art in Luxembourg City

The City of Luxembourg maintains high standards in terms of the quality of the artwork displayed in its public spaces, and only collaborates with professional a...

Mur d’expression libre à Dommeldange

Urban arts

Mural painting, stencilling, graffiti, hip hop, breakdancing, rap, and slam are all forms of artistic expression that Luxembourg City seeks to support and promo...

marché de Noël sur la place de la Constitution


A festival of lights that transforms the heart of the thousand-year-old City of Luxembourg into an enchanted winter wonderland with its Christmas markets, stree...

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