As part of the Luxembourg National Day festivities on 23 June, entertainment and celebrations are organised for people all ages. Among the popular annual events held this day is the traditional "Spillfest" organised by the CAPEL – a branch of the City Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department).

More than a hundred fun and educational workshops and games will be set up by various associations and performers, including the team made up of the German troupes "Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald" and "Cri-Cri", the French troupes "Théâtre de la Toupine", "Cie La mince Affaire", "Festijeux" and "Cie LaForaine", "Rigol'jeux", "Cie Grandet Douglas" and "Jeux et Tartines", and the Spanish troupe "Cargot de Joc".

Practical information

  • Admission is free.
  • Food and drinks will be available for purchase from a number of food trucks.

Date, time and location


23 June.




Kinnekswiss (municipal park along Avenue de la Porte-Neuve).