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Youth parade

The "Kannerparad" is a parade for children and young people that takes place every two years around a different theme.
A number of artists and bands also participate, making this event a lively, multicultural, street theatre performance filled with lots of fun banter and dancing.

Admission is free.

Kannerparad 2021

"Aux arbres"

The next "Kannerparad" is scheduled to take place in Luxembourg City on 26 June 2021. The theme will be "Aux arbres" (In celebration of trees).

There are boundless possibilities for imagination and wit, so let your ideas run wild! Unbridle your imagination and present your own portrayal of the theme!

During the creative process, it is important to focus on youngsters' motivation and creativity. At each stage of the project, they are actively involved in coming up with ideas and in the actual creative process.

The preparatory work will be coordinated by the Centre d'animation pédagogique et de loisirs (Creative Learning Centre – CAPEL) of the Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department), which will assist groups in need and, insofar as it is able, organise the parade through the city centre. The parade will close with a show at the Kinnekswiss in the municipal park.

Should the public-health recommendations in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic make it impossible for multiple groups to hold a parade in public, alternative solutions will be found.

All groups are invited to take part in this project, which promises to be a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your group!

Call for participants

After the success of the parades based on the themes of "Circus & Co" in 2007, "Summer in the City" in 2009, "Macadam Tam Tam" in 2011, "Kuddelmuddel" in 2013, "TicTac" in 2015, "MAXImini" in 2017, and "A wann… ?" (What if...?) in 2019, the CAPEL is issuing a new call for participants to all children's and youth groups in Luxembourg. All groups are invited to join us in preparing for the Grand Parade in Luxembourg City on 26 June 2021.

Registration form

To take part in the "Aux arbres" Grand Parade 2021 with your children's or youth group, please fill in the PDF form below and return in by e-mail to


Roland Gilbertz – Tel.: 4796-3272; email: – For more information:

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