Children's and Youth Parade

The "Kannerparad" is a parade for children and young people. The parade is organised by CAPEL – a branch of the City of Luxembourg's Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department) – and is held every two years. It has a different theme every time.

A number of artists and bands also participate, making this event a lively, multicultural, street theatre performance filled with lots of fun banter and dancing.

Admission is free!

2023 - "Coucou!"

Saturday, 1 July 2023 saw the return of the grand Youth Parade in Luxembourg City. This year's parade, the ninth, followed on from the previous one held in 2021. The children and youths taking part in the parade spent several months preparing for the event, giving free rein to their imagination and creativity around this year's theme, "Coucou!". For the parade, the streets in the city centre took on all the trappings of a giant stage for 10 groups of children and young people, each of which displayed their rendition of "Coucou!" in a spirit of joy.

The parade started at 15:00 at Place d'Armes, and then split into two separate formations that eventually converged in the streets of the city. It then proceeded through the pedestrian zone before ending at Place Émile Hamilius. To mark the close of the parade, a concert featuring Gyrophare was held in the municipal park near the Villa Louvigny. All participants and spectators were invited to attend.


  • Boîte à Clous ASBL
  • ASTI-Kannernascht
  • The Um Fieldgen private lycée
  • The Tiramisu Béreldange and Walferdange childcare centres
  • The Barbara Bonnevoie-Gasperich childcare centres
  • The Barbara Mühlenbach-Rollingergrund childcare centres
  • The Barbara Tuntange childcare centres
  • Foyer Scolaire Verger-Bonnevoie
  • Foyer Scolaire Hollerich
  • The Gaston Thorn Cessange international childcare centre