Civic engagement: information session on 16 June 2022

Execution: mid-2022 to early 2024 (weather permitting)

Description of the project

Maintenance and upgrade works on the utility lines (natural gas, electricity, drinking water, public lighting, fiber optics and telecommunications) as well as the addition of a bicycle lane, bus stops and pedestrian crossings on Boulevard de la Pétrusse between Avenue de la Liberté and Rue d'Anvers.

As the works progress, the representatives of the different departments and contractors will visit residents' homes for on-site inspections of the existing connections.

Next steps

The on-site inspection of neighbouring houses is planned to begin in June 2022. Construction work will then begin, and is expected to take around 350 work days (mid-2022 to early 2024). This may vary depending on the weather and/or specific requirements of the construction project.

Project launched by

Project owner

  • CREOS Luxembourg S.A.

in collaboration with:

  • The City of Luxembourg
  • Post Luxembourg
  • Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A.

Contacts at the City of Luxembourg

Department Contact person Phone number
VDL – Service Eaux (Out-of-hours emergency contacts available 24/7 )   4796-3003
VDL – Service Voirie Natalina Pires 4796-2331
VDL – Service Eaux Tom Wagner 4796-4334
VDL – Service Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication Patrick Antunes 4796-3381
Service Éclairage public Karim Aïnahi 4796-3883
VDL – Service Circulation Julien Bertolotti 4796-3339
VDL – Construction mediators Nelly Gomes 4796-4343

Current situation