Civic engagement: began in September 2019

Project completion date: scheduled for 2020

Description of the issue/project

Provision of more inviting street furniture.

As local residents felt that the square was "too sterile" and lifeless, this project plans to install:

  • green spaces with removable seats and places to lie down
  • generally speaking, more seating options and benches
  • picnic tables, stools
  • loungers
  • a pétanque court
  • a public bookcase
  • tables and chairs with boards and pieces for chess and nine men's morris
  • pergola

In addition, the City will include Place Thorn more often in its schedule of events. As part of this commitment, exhibitions and the "Kannerkiermes" (Children's Neighbourhood Fair) put on by Centre d’animation pédagogique et de loisirs (Creative Learning Centre – CAPEL) have already been held at Place Thorn, and there is a proposal to revive the Merl neighbourhood fair at Place Thorn in 2020.

A project launched by

The City of Luxembourg

Current situation

Contact details

Contact details

Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)

Petit Passage
9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg