Civic engagement: September 2015 – February 2017

Project completion date: July 2017

Description of the issue/project

Partial redevelopment of the park. The redevelopment of the park is part of a broader project, the goals of which are to:

  • divide the park up into three distinct areas: lower park – "wild" space / central area – games and play facilities, playing fields, picnic areas / upper park – free-usage zone
  • give the park a distinct identity
  • upgrade the ponds on a technical level
  • explore the possibility of installing a circular footpath in the park to make it more attractive as a place to go for walks instead of a just a thoroughfare
  • install play equipment for young and older children side by side, along with an aquatic play area, rest areas, and services (a food truck, toilets, benches, tables, etc.) in a central space, with a view to promoting social interaction and making it easier for parents to organise their children's activities and keep an eye on them
  • create a water games area which, when not being used as such, can also be used dry as a conventional play area, meaning that it will not remain unused between the months of September and May
  • standardise park furniture and fixtures
  • make the entrances to the park more visible (by clearing vegetation around the gates)

Project launched by

The City of Luxembourg

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Contact details

Contact details

Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)

Petit Passage
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