Civic engagement: January 2015 – March 2016

Project completion date: March 2016

Description of the issue/project

Redevelopment works to make the square more inviting.

The following proposals have been adopted:

  • move the row of parking spaces on the southern side nearer to the square
  • replace the gravel at the foot of the trees, and some of the irregular paving between the trees, with a smooth, flat pavement
  • explore the option of building a Yellowstone Granite footbridge over the gully on the south side
  • demolish the eastern embankment
  • explore the option of installing granite blocks for water games in the basin around the pavilion, and of making the edges of the basin more prominent
  • create more footpaths crossing the area
  • install tiered seating on the western embankment
  • strengthen the existing western embankment and plant it with wild flowers
  • replace the water fountain
  • take measures to discourage people from using the area as a toilet for their dogs
  • install self-service seating
  • install a pétanque green
  • move the advertising column
  • remove the road signs and attach them to the lamppost
  • make the bollards between the 2 gullies removable

Project launched by

Transition BO and local residents

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Contact details

Contact details

Service Espace public, fêtes et marchés (EFM)

Petit Passage
9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg