Project description

The project for infrastructure works and partial redevelopment works on Boulevard de la Pétrusse is being carried out in the Gare district, between Avenue de la Liberté and Rue d'Anvers.

Among other works, this project involves replacing and upgrading the infrastructure, building a cycle path, creating parking, resurfacing along +/- 350 m of the roadway, and works to bring the pedestrian crossings and bus stops into compliance.

The works will be undertaken in five phases, with the first phase beginning in the first half of 2022 at Place de Metz. The following phases will see the works move progressively towards the intersection with Rue d'Anvers. The fifth and final phase will be completed in late 2023.

These works are being undertaken in collaboration with:

City of Luxembourg Departments

Service Voirie (Department of Streets):

  • Update of pedestrian crossings and bus stops to bring these up to code.
  • Repair of flagstone pavements, resurfacing of the roadway (asphalt road resurfacing works) and creation of concrete parking spaces on +/- 350 linear metres.
  • Update of traffic zone entrances to bring these up to code.
  • Construction of a +/- 350-metre long asphalt-mix cycle path on the even-numbered side of the street.

Service Eaux (Water Department):

  • Replacement of the deteriorated principal water main.
  • Replacement of deteriorated connections to houses.
  • Resizing of the principal water main to accommodate the city's future urban development.

Service Éclairage public (Public Lighting Department):

  • Refit public lighting cabinets to bring them up to code.
  • Extension of the public lighting system.
  • Installation of overhead lighting for pedestrian crossings.
  • Installation of a new "Remote management" network.

Service Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication – TIC (ICT Department):

  • Refit ITC cabinets to bring them up to code.
  • Extension of Luxembourg City's fibre-optic network.
  • Extension of Luxembourg City's Wi-Fi network.

External professionals

Creos Luxembourg SA Électricité:

  • Upgrade of the medium-voltage grid (20 kV).
  • Replacement of the deteriorated low-voltage grid (220 V).
  • Installation of an additional low-voltage conduit for future utilities connections.
  • Upgrade of deteriorated or outdated private medium- and low-voltage connections.

Creos S.A. Division Gaz:

  • Replacement of the deteriorated main low-pressure line
  • Replacement of the deteriorated connections to houses with valves under the pavement and "Gas-STOP" safety valves at the connection with the principal gas main.

POST Technologies:

  • Extension and/or upgrade of Luxembourg City's fibre-optic broadband network as part of the completion of the FTTH ("Fibre To The Home") project
  • Laying of multi-cable conduits under the roadway (along the transport route)
  • Replacement of home utility connections for the extension of the fibre optic network.
  • Laying of additional conduits to upgrade the existing network.


  • Burying of overhead lines
  • Modernisation of the existing cable television networks

Works schedule

Commencement of work: first half of 2022

Expected duration of the works:350 working days (if work can be carried out on two sections simultaneously and barring poor weather conditions)

Planned completion: second half of 2023

Project funding

The full costs of the infrastructure works and superstructure redevelopment works undertaken by the City of Luxembourg will be borne by the City.

  • Service Voirie: €1,249,534.99 including tax
  • Service Eaux: €914,877.09 including tax
  • Service Éclairage public: €229,122.39 including tax
  • Service TIC: €200,978.93 including tax

    Total for City of Luxembourg: €2,594,513.40 including tax