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Rencontres sans frontières

"Rencontres sans frontières" is devoted to sporting activities and intercultural exchange, and embodies the City's policy of promoting the integration of the many nationalities living in Luxembourg through sport and culture.

This should come as no surprise since over 70% of the city's residents are foreign citizens, and the city is home to some 164 different nationalities.

Useful information

Entry is free.

People or teams interested in participating and associations that would like to provide entertainment or operate a food stall can sign up from 28 February to 11 June 2020.

Where and when

The event will be held on Sunday, 14 June 2020 from 10:00 to 20:00 at the Boy Konen sports complex in Cessange. There will also be an intercultural party with fun for the entire family.

How to get there

As parking is limited, we recommend using public transport.

Contact details

Terrains de Sport Boy Konen

279, rue des Sports
L-1321 Luxembourg (Cessange)

Getting there by bus

Organisers and partners

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 14:00–16:00, or by appointment

the department

Contact details

90, Boulevard de Kockelscheuer
L-1821 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and 14:30–16:30