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What can be disposed of as bulky waste?


sofas, armchairs, loungers, old furniture, bed frames, mattresses;
window frames without glass panes, wooden doors with no locks or hardware, wooden pallets, shutters;
carpets and other floor coverings, ceramic sanitary fittings, scrap metal;
car tyres with or without wheel rims (max. 4 tyres);
folded empty cardboard boxes (only small quantities collected with other materials; for large quantities: see collection on demand).

Not accepted

objects larger than 1 m3;
residual waste, cardboard, boxes or bags filled with residual waste, recyclable waste listed on this website;
painted paper, insulation materials (glass and mineral wool, Styrodur boards, etc.);
construction materials (gravel, Eternit fibre cement, etc.), glass bricks, panes of glass, mirrors and windscreens, fluorescent tubes;
electric storage heaters and oil-filled radiators;
tyres from trucks, tractors and other agricultural machinery;
liquids, hazardous substances, flammable or explosive materials etc.

If you are planning to renovate or clear out your home, please notify the Service Hygiène in advance to find out the best way to dispose of your bulky items.

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Talking trash: what goes where

Not sure what bin to use? Need help figuring out where to put something specific?
Check out our guide: Recycling A to Z.

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