On-demand collection services

Why not use our on-demand collection services? We'll do all the hard work, so you don't have to!

Set a date

To set a date for your waste collection, please call the Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) on 4796-3640 or send an email to hygiene@vdl.lu.
​ The waste will generally be collected within five working days of making your request.


For all on-demand collections

  • Waste may be collected Monday to Friday (except for public holidays), between 6:00 and 14:00.
  • By 6:00 on the agreed date, the waste must be put out on the pavement or at the edge of your property ready for loading, without hindering or posing a danger to passers-by.

For bulky waste

  • The fee for collecting bulky waste is €20 per collection (maximum weight: 100 kg). Any additional weight will be charged at the rate of €0.20/kg.
  • Containers filled with residual waste do not count as bulky waste and will not be collected.

For garden waste

  • Residential collections of this kind are free of charge.
  • Garden waste must be put out in open containers or bags, which may not weigh more than 25 kg. Branches, bush and hedge clippings must be tied up in manageable bundles no more than 1.50 m long and weighing no more than 25 kg. The branches collected may be no thicker than 10 cm.
  • Empty containers and bags will be left on the roadside for re-use.

If you are planning to renovate or clear out your home, please notify the Service Hygiène in advance to find out the best way to dispose of your bulky items.

Types of waste

Talking trash: what goes where

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