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Residents can dispose of toxic substances for free at the Luxembourg City Recycling Centre throughout the year.

Four times a year, SuperDrecksKëscht organises collections across the city's various districts, either via door-to-door collections or mobile waste collection points at central locations in each district. For more information on these collections, go to the SuperDrecksKëscht website:

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to dispose of toxic waste by pouring it down the drain or throwing it out with your household waste.


Dos and don'ts:

  • Toxic waste must not, under any circumstances, be thrown in the bin or down the drain.
  • Empty containers and all other packaging of hazardous or toxic waste must be disposed of by SuperDrecksKëscht. They may not be thrown away with your regular waste.
  • Leave hazardous and/or toxic waste in its original packaging.
  • Containers and packaging must be hermetically sealed.
  • Never mix different substances, as this could cause dangerous chemical reactions.
  • Damaged packaging must be placed in other leak-proof containers.
  • Waste containing toxic substances must be placed in strong, leak-proof plastic containers or bags.
  • NEVER deposit waste NEAR SUPERDRECKSKËSCHT CONTAINERS, BESIDE glass or paper bins or AT THE ENTRANCE to the Recycling Centre. Waste dumped in this way is a hazard both for the environment and for passers-by, especially children.

Types of waste

Talking trash: what goes where

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