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Public waste containers in 56 locations across the city


Other types of collection

Recycling Centre

Door-to-door collection twice a year


  • all types of clothing
  • table linen
  • bedding
  • woollen blankets
  • shoes tied in pairs
  • rags
  • damaged clothing that is no longer wearable

To prevent the clothing, textiles and shoes from getting dirty, all items must be put in plastic bags.

Clothing must be dry and not too soiled (e.g. no oil or paint stains).

Not accepted
  • textiles stained with oil, paint or other chemicals
  • small scraps of cloth
  • any other waste

Used clothing, textiles and shoes are collected for charity by the non-profit organisations Aide aux Enfants Handicapés du Grand Duché ASBL and Kolping Luxembourg ASBL.

Collection types

Main collection method

Other collection methods

Door-to-door collections.

Two door-to-door collections take place every year, each organised by one of these charities:

  • Aide aux Enfants Handicapés du Grand-Duché: between mid-March and the end of April;
  • Kolping Luxembourg: in September.

For exact dates, please consult the charities' websites.

Talking trash: what goes where

Not sure what bin to use? Need help figuring out where to put something specific?
Check out our guide: Recycling A to Z.

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