Ban de Gasperich park

Over time, the number of residents living in the Gasperich district has skyrocketed (the population jumped 72.4% from 2015 to 2023, from 5,623 to 9,694 residents) and, in the wake of the development of Ban de Gasperich – with its construction projects and its high concentration of offices, schools, and business establishments – its working population has surged. In developing a public park in Ban de Gasperich, the City aspires to offer people living in and visiting the district and the capital a new, modern, multipurpose recreational area that highlights the enhancement of biodiversity.

Covering a total of 16.6 ha, the Ban de Gasperich Park – which was designed by Mersch Ingénieurs-Paysagistes SARL – is the largest park in Luxembourg City. It now boasts not only green areas where visitors can relax and recharge their batteries, but also a wide selection of equipment visitors can use to enjoy outdoor activities in a green setting. The park is easy to get to on foot, by bike and by public transport.


The park is located in the heart of Ban de Gasperich, bordered to the north by the Gasperich residential neighbourhood, to the west by the "Grossfeld" construction project, to the south by Boulevard de Kockelscheur and to the east by Rue Christoph Willibald Gluck.


Viewed as Luxembourg City's "green lungs", the new park was designed to include areas intended for intensive use – such as playgrounds, athletic fields and gathering places – along with more serene areas for extensive use. The Drosbach, with its alluvial forest, connects the different areas and creates the setting for this landscaped park where untouched nature is within easy reach.

The main artery of the local road network is a 1,350-metre-long, 4-metre-wide thoroughfare. In addition, there are 2,200 metres of 2.5-metre-wide walking paths that beckon visitors to wander through the park's most tranquil areas.

Some 500 metres of boardwalk offer visitors a chance to get a close-up view of the untouched areas of the alluvial forest.