NEUDORF: Service Architecte Maintenance building

The new Service Architecte-Maintenance (Architecture and Maintenance Department) building was carefully designed to meet the unique needs of this department, which performs a wide range of tasks and functions, ranging from managing cultural centres and storing and transporting equipment, to performing minor repairs and maintenance on municipal buildings.


The final detailed project was approved by the Municipal Council on 8 July 2018. Construction work began in late 2019 and lasted until 5 January 2024.

Seamless integration into its surroundings

With its clean lines and colour palette that matches the surrounding landscape, the building blends in seamlessly with the valley, sitting as it does in the immediate vicinity of the forest between Cents and the area known as Kalchesbréck. The solid surfaces of the facades, which are clad with vertical aluminium profiles, call to mind containers or barcodes in a nod to the facility's main function as a storage space. A horizontal glass opening that intersects the facade and runs around the whole building creates a light-filled space for the administrative offices and rest areas for staff.

Inauguration: 22 May 2024

KIRCHBERG: Kirchberg water tower

Several imperatives prompted the decision to build the Kirchberg water tower, the most notable among them being the need to secure the provision of sufficient drinking water for the Kirchberg district, whose population is growing and where many jobs are set to be created in the coming years, in addition to the numerous existing European institutions and the Hôpital Kirchberg with the Bohler clinic.


In October 2015, an architectural competition was launched for the construction of a water tower in Kirchberg. On 7 June 2016, the first prize was awarded to the consortium formed by Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos and Simon-Christiansen & Associées. The project was given final approval by the Municipal Council in July 2018, and the foundation stone was laid on 2 February 2022. The project was completed in March 2024.


The Kirchberg water tower consists of two tanks – 600 m and 400 m3 – affording a total capacity of 1,000 m3. Building the tower required 4,700 m3 of concrete, and 290 tonnes of steel. The façade consists of wooden slats mounted on a galvanized steel frame. Prefabricated concrete nests for birds, bats and swifts are set into the wood façade.

Inauguration: 21 March 2023