CESSANGE: Stade de Luxembourg

Stade de Luxembourg – Luxembourg's brand new national football and rugby stadium – is fully compliant with the latest standards in terms of comfort, technology and safety, and features an adjoining multi-purpose space designed to accommodate a wide range of sporting and cultural events.

Inauguration: 25/09/2021

GARE: Place de Paris

The redevelopment of Place de Paris, executed by Luxtram based on the results of a citizen participation procedure carried out by the City of Luxembourg, is an important milestone for residents, local businesses and visitors to this neighbourhood, who can enjoy this lovely new public square. This open and welcoming space – lined with 18 plane trees – invites passers-by to stop at a terrace for some refreshment, take a rest after a walk or bike ride, or sit down on a bench in the shade of a tree near the splash fountain.

Inauguration: 26/06/2021