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Place de l'étoile

Ville-Haute: Place de l’Étoile

<i></i>The urban development concept for Place de l'Étoile, a three-hectare site located close to the city centre.

Conférence de presse LUGA - Première grande exposition horticole nationale

Major horticultural expo to be held in 2023

LUGA 2023 will bolster the Grand Duchy's reputation as a dynamic, open and vibrant country.

Place de la Constitution

Ville Haute: Redevelopment of Place de la Constitution and Boulevard F.D. Roosevelt

The City and the Government of Luxembourg are to undertake a joint project to develop Place de la Constitution and its environs, creating a pleasant, multi-purp...


Belair: "Wunnquartier Stade" – Urban planning competition

The competition is part of a project to develop the site currently occupied by the Josy Barthel Stadium, and surrounding areas along <i>Route d'Arlon</i>, and c...


Cents : Passerelle reliant les quartiers Cents, Neudorf et Weimershof

Présentation de la nouvelle passerelle qui relie le plateau du Cents vers le plateau du Kirchberg.


Gasperich: Redevelopment of Rue Birthon, Rue Pensis, Rue Chevalier and Rue Lamort

During a public meeting to discuss the Gasperich district, Luxembourg City presented a plan to redevelop Rue Birthon, Rue Pensis, Rue Chevalier and Rue Lamort.

Liaison cyclable nord-sud, Limpertsberg

Limpertsberg: north-south cycle path

Feasibility study for a north-south cycle path in Limpertsberg.

Journée porte ouverte Schluechthaus 21.09.2019

Schluechthaus Open Day

The visitor input for the development of the Old Slaughterhouse has been assessed in view of drawing up the project specifications that will serve as a basis fo...

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