About the system

The Téléalarme personal alert system is an emergency response service that is available 24/7: if you are in need of urgent medical assistance, simply press the red button and a distress call will be made.

The City of Luxembourg has expanded the range of available devices over the years to ensure the optimal well-being and safety of users. It now offers additional equipment suited to individual needs: senior citizens, people with disabilities, people living with chronic illnesses, etc. The Téléalarme devices help make everyday life safer for city residents while offering considerable flexibility to its users, both inside and outside their homes:

  • traditional personal alert system (fixed transmitter and pendant worn around the neck or on the wrist);

  • mobile personal alert system, with coverage throughout the Grand Duchy; wall-mounted alarm buttons; bracelets with fall detection; heat, smoke, gas and water leak detection alarms, etc.

As all of these devices are directly connected to a call centre, the person in need of urgent medical assistance can easily reach an operator, who will immediately take the required help measures.

In order to determine the specific product and accessories best suited to each individual, an initial assessment – which is personalised and confidential – is carried out by a social worker.



Non-exhaustive list and prices for monthly subscriptions and additional equipment

Pricing Monthly subscription One-off installation fees

Traditional Téléalarme personal alert system **

€35 *


Mobile Téléalarme personal alert system

€55 * (including SIM card)


Package: traditional Téléalarme personal alert system and one smoke or gas detector



* Low-income residents are eligible for a discount.

** The traditional personal alert system can also be installed without a fixed telephone line; this incurs an additional charge of €5 per month for a SIM card.


Additional pricing Monthly subscription/additional equipment Installation fees for additional equipment: €50/hour

Additional transmitter (worn around the neck or on the wrist)



Pull cord



Door contact



Additional charging station



Fall detector






Smoke, gas, heat or leak detector



Motion detector



Chair/bed/floor/epilepsy sensor