Short-stay rooms

Certain independent living facilities, integrated centres for the elderly and nursing homes offer short-stay rooms to senior citizens that may be occupied on a temporary basis throughout the year (anywhere from a few days to several weeks). These stays are always time-limited.

As there is high demand for these short-stay rooms, especially during school holidays, please inquire in advance about their availability. 

Résidence Grande-Duchesse Joséphine Charlotte (Konviktsgaart) has eight short-stay rooms for seniors able to live independently.

Contact details

11, avenue Marie-Thérèse
L-2132 Luxembourg

Independent living facilities

At these facilities, senior citizens who are able to live independently stay in accommodation that suits their needs, while taking advantage of a broad range of services to make their lives easier.

Résidence Grande-Duchesse Joséphine Charlotte (only in FR) Fondation Félix Chomé (only in FR) Résidence Belle Vallée (only in FR)

11, Avenue Marie-Thérèse

44, Rue d'Eich

36, Rue de la Semois

L-2132 Luxembourg

L-1460 Luxembourg

L-2533 Luxembourg

Tel.: 25 06 50-1

Tel.: 43 60 01-1

Tel.: 44 25 31

Integrated centres for the elderly

Integrated centres for the elderly (Centres intégrés pour personnes âgées – CIPAs) are equipped to house and care for senior citizens for the rest of their lives. CIPA residents who have lost their ability to live independently – meaning they are "dependent persons" – are able to receive the appropriate care.

In addition to the services they are required to provide by law, CIPAs offer a range of other amenities as well as care and assistance options that may vary from one centre to the next.

The CIPAs listed below are located in Luxembourg City:

CIPA Sainte Elisabeth Am Park (only in FR/DE) Fondation Jean-Pierre Pescatore Sacré Coeur home for the elderly Hospice Civil du Pfaffenthal SERVIOR – CIPA Op der Rhum (only in FR/DE)

19, Avenue Emile Reuter

13, Avenue Jean-Pierre Pescatore

48a, Avenue Gaston Diderich

71, Rue Mohrfels

1, Plateau du Rham

L-2420 Luxembourg

L-2324 Luxembourg

L-1420 Luxembourg

L-2158 Luxembourg

L-2427 Luxembourg

Tel.: 27 45-9000

Tel.: 47 72-1

Tel.: 47 76 25-1

Tel.: 47 76-6

Tel.: 47 20 21-1

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are designed for dependent persons who require permanent care.

In addition to the services they are required to provide by law, nursing homes offer varying amenities as well as care and assistance options depending on the design of their programmes.

The following nursing homes are located in Luxembourg City:

Hospice civil de Hamm Seniorie St Jean de la Croix (only in FR/DE) Elysis

2, Rue Englebert Neveu

30, Rue Zithe

22, Rue Jos Leydenbach

L-2224 Luxembourg

L-2763 Luxembourg

L-1947 Luxembourg

Tel.: 43 60 86-1

Tel.: 40 14 4-1

Tel.: 26 43 81-1

Please note that most integrated centres for the elderly also admit persons who require care and who may stay there for the remainder of their lives.

Haus Omega

Haus Omega is a palliative care centre for people living with a serious illness or reaching the end of their lives.

Located in Luxembourg-Hamm, Haus Omega has 15 private rooms.

Omega 90 ASBL Haus Omega

2, rue de Chiny

80, Rue de Hamm

L-1334 Luxembourg

L-1713 Luxembourg

Tel.: 29 77 89-1