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Service Autobus

In addition to its regular 31 bus lines, the Service Autobus (Bus Department) offers a wide range of special services: free shuttles, night buses, and the "call-a-bus" service, as well as a range of other services created to serve your needs in terms of getting around the city.

Bus Schueberfouer 2019

2019 Schueberfouer: bus service changes

Changes to traffic flow in Limpertsberg. Temporary changes to bus lines 3/30, 19, CN1, CN2 and the City Shopping Bus.

Schueberfouer 2019


Find out how to get to and from the Schueberfouer!

Illustration du ban de Gasperich

Adaptations au Limpertsberg

Détails des changement des lignes 3/30, 19, CN2 et un ajout d’une navette au Limpertsberg.

Extrait du plan du réseau des bus municipaux

AVL route map

Clear and structured overview of the municipal bus network in one easy-to-read map.

Bus Stäreplaz


Answers to frequently asked questions about bus travel: How do I lodge a complaint or make a suggestion to improve service? Why does my bus fail to stop at my s...

Aubette voyageurs

Bus stops

Special bus stop features to make travel easier

Logotype Call-a-Bus


Use our on-demand bus service to get where you want to go, with complete freedom from set bus stops, timetables and routes.

bus au P+R Bouillon

Car parks and P+R

Map displaying Luxembourg City's car parks and the free spaces available in real time at the Knuedler, Place du Théâtre, St Esprit, Monterey, Schuman, Glacis, F...

Déplacement des arrêts d’autobus « Paris/Zitha »

Changes to the "Paris/Zitha" bus stop

As the roadworks for the tram line progress along Avenue de la Liberté, moving closer to Luxembourg Central Station, there have been some changes to the "Paris/...

City Night Bus

City Night Bus

Friday and Saturday nights until 3:30! N.B. During the Schueberfouer, the CN1 and CN2 lines are subject to some changes.

City Shopping Bus

City Shopping Bus

Free shuttle service between the Glacis car park and the city centre (bus stop on Rue Beaumont, just a stone's throw from the pedestrian zone). No service from ...

City Shuttle

City Shuttle

A free, driverless, electric shuttle service. A smooth ride thanks to advanced technology.

École européenne I (Kirchberg)

School routes 81 – 88 to the European School Kirchberg campus.

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Facts and figures

Area of 51.73 km² (2% of the country's territory), 114,090 inhabitants as at 31 December 2017, excellent road and public transport networks connecting the city ...

E faarwege Bus

Free travel

Children, students, people with reduced mobility and those on low incomes travel free of charge.

Geesseknäppchen school campus

School buses 71–78 to the Geesseknäppchen school campus.

rue avec un bus et une femme en veloh

Getting around at the weekend

by bus, car, bike and on foot

Bus Schueberfouer 2019

Getting there by bus or tram

Comprehensive information on public transport connections (night buses, City Night Bus, regular bus lines, etc.)

bus au P+R Bouillon

Getting there by car

Park at one of Luxembourg City's many car parks and take a special shuttle or the tram to get to and from the fairground.

personnes devant guichets de l'Info-Box


The point of sale and information desk of the Service Autobus, along with the information desk for construction work in Luxembourg City, is located at the Forum...

Limpertsberg school campus

School buses 92–96 to the Limpertsberg school campus.

présentoir avec des dépliants de lignes de bus de la Ville

Luxembourg City buses

34 regular intra-city bus lines

vieux tramways au musée des tramways

Luxembourg City Tram and Bus Museum

The history of public transport in Luxembourg City

Maps of the main connection hubs

Maps of the main connection hubs in the Luxembourg City transport network


The mKaart issued by the Verkéiersverbond (Transport Federation) is a multipurpose card which can be loaded with different products, such as travel tickets and ...

Extrait du plan du réseau des bus municipaux

Network and maps

New Year's Eve times, network map and lines, maps of main bus stops, City Night Bus, City Shopping Bus, Call-a-Bus and timed transfers

autocollant service de ticket de bus par SMS

Points of sale

Where can you buy travel tickets?

Sainte-Sophie and Sportlycée

School routes 90 and 91 – Sainte-Sophie and Sportlycée

2 bus devant les Rotondes

Schedules and real-time bus departures

Get bus schedules and real-time departures for your stop and bus line!

aire de jeux

School holidays and breaks

The 2018–2019 school year begins on Friday, 17 September 2018 and ends on Friday, 13 July 2019.

Student transport for secondary schools

Student transport to the secondary schools on the Limpertsberg, Geesseknäppchen and European School I (Kirchberg) campuses.

2 bus devant les Rotondes

Taking the bus

Our buses have been fitted with assorted equipment to improve safety and ensure accessibility for everyone.

Ecran intérieur autobus AVL


Find the right ticket for you, and where to buy it.

Timed bus transfers

Get around the city more easily during off-peak hours

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