Free public transport

Public transport can be used free of charge in Luxembourg City and throughout the entire country. The following means of public transport are free:

  • bus,
  • tram,
  • train (2nd class),
  • funicular.

Pets and service animals ride free of charge. No fees apply for luggage or other items brought on board by passengers.

Children and young people

Children under 4 must be accompanied by someone aged 12 or over.

For all group travel involving more than ten children as part of a school, pre-school or extracurricular activity, special authorisation must be requested from the public transport operator. Acceptance of this request will be dependent on the technical resources of the public transport operator.

Exceptions to free public transport


"Call-a-Bus" is a door-to-door transport service for people aged 70 and over. Please bear in mind that the point of departure and destination must be within Luxembourg City.

Cross-border public transport

The prices for cross-border public transport are available on the website of the Mobility Centre (Mobilitéitszentral). Passes and individual tickets can be purchased online and at the Mobility Centre.

1st class

Passengers who wish to travel in 1st class must purchase tickets and pay a fare.