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Changes to the bus network

Changes to the city's bus network came into effect on Sunday, 13 December 2020. More information

34 traditional routes

To make sure residents enjoy a high quality of life, the City of Luxembourg is doing its utmost to optimise public transport in the capital.

Currently, 34 regular bus lines (1 to 33 and 70) serve the city's various districts, with some extending to neighbouring municipalities.

Lines 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 16, 27, 28, 29 and 30 are part of the "AVL/RGTR coordinated service". These are routes that serve the City of Luxembourg as well as one or more neighbouring municipalities. These routes come under the jurisdiction of the Ministerial Department for Transport of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructure) and are organised jointly by the relevant municipal (AVL) and government (General Public Transport Authority – RGTR) departments. These routes are generally served by Luxembourg City buses and private company buses on the state's behalf.

Routes 3, 22, 26, 31 and 32 also link the capital with a neighbouring municipality (Hesperange and Strassen). However, these services are exclusively operated by the City of Luxembourg, based on agreements with these neighbouring municipalities.

RGTR routes on the urban network

The RGTR routes, which are organised by the Ministerial Department for Transport (part of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure), operate on a more regional or even national scale and generally cannot be used for intra-city travel. Current regulations stipulate that all RGTR regional bus lines serve stops within the City of Luxembourg only in order to drop off passengers travelling into Luxembourg City, and pick up passengers who are leaving the city.

There are exceptions to this rule, however, and it is possible to use certain RGTR routes with no restriction on where passengers can get on or off the bus within the city, or where these restrictions do not apply at certain stops.

Below is a detailed list:

"Open" RGTR lines that can be used without restriction on where passengers can get on and off within Luxembourg City

  • 114 (AVL 29) Cloche d'Or, Guillaume Kroll – Aéroport, Cargo Center
  • 115 (AVL 16) Howald, Hesper cité um Schlass – Kirchberg – Aéroport
  • 120 Luxembourg, Gare – Junglinster, P+R
  • 125 P+R Bouillon – Oberanven, Gemeng
  • 144 Neuhäusgen, Iewescht Neihaischen – Itzig, Am Horra
  • 165 Gasperich, Fr. Hogenberg – Medingen, aire de virage
  • 172 Frisange, P+R – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 192 Hassel, Küneftchen – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 194 Bettembourg, Gare – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 195 Peppange, Duerfplaz – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 205 Luxembourg, Gare – Mondercange, Kopp car park
  • 210 Luxembourg, Gare – Bascharage-Sanem, Gare
  • 213 Bertrange, Gemeng – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 215 Bascharage, r-p A. Siebenbour – Luxembourg, Stäreplaz
  • 219 (AVL 6) Bonnevoie, Demy Schlechter – Bertrange, Gemeng
  • 220 (AVL 5) Bonnevoie, Demy Schlechter – Bertrange, Gemeng
  • 221 (AVL 8) Eich, ctr. culturel – Bertrange, Waassertuerm
  • 222 Steinfort, um Quai – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 224 (AVL 30) Limpertsberg, Lycée Michel Lucius – Howald, Hesper um Schlass
  • 226 (AVL 26) Gare Centrale – Bertrange, Belle Étoile
  • 227 (AVL 27) Gare Centrale – Bertrange, Belle Étoile
  • 228 (AVL 4) Limpertsberg, Lycée Michel Lucius – Leudelange, Gemeng
  • 230 (AVL 28) Luxembourg, Gare – Bertrange, Ec. Européenne
  • 262 Keispelt, Bei Péickes – Kirchberg, Rehazenter
  • 278 (AVL 10) Gare Centrale – Steinsel, Michel Rodange Plaz
  • 280 (AVL 11) Gare Centrale – Walferdange – Steinsel, Michel Rodange Plaz
  • 282 Steinsel, Michel Rodange Plaz – Limpertsberg, Theater
  • 301 Leudelange ZA – Thionville (F)
  • 306 Esch Belval – Trier (D)

RGTR lines that are "open" at certain intra-city stops

Line Passengers are permitted to get on and off at the following stop(s)

110 Luxembourg, Gare – Echternach

Dommeldange, bypass, and Dommeldange, Dauschbur

111 Luxembourg, Gare – Echternach

Dommeldange, bypass, and Dommeldange, Dauschbur

200 Luxembourg, Gare – Bettembourg, Gare

Kockelscheuer, Camping

202 Monterey-Parc – Obercorn, Chiers

Assurances Sociales

203 Monterey-Parc – Differdange, ARBED

Assurances Sociales

212 Monterey-Parc – Rodange, Gare

Assurances Sociales

275 Limpertsberg, Theater – Mersch, Gare

Bambësch, Centre sportif


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