The Centre d'animation pédagogique et de loisirs (Creative Learning Centre – CAPEL) was created in 1983 and then incorporated into the Educational Activities Department of the Service Foyers scolaires (Childcare Department) in 2018. This was a natural development given that CAPEL's work, educational projects and activities are also based on components from the national reference framework on non-formal education of children and youth put forth by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth (Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse).

CAPEL works closely with many other municipal departments and external partners,, associations, institutions and other national and international bodies to ensure its projects are a success.


CAPEL's activities directly benefit pupils in Cycles 1.1 to 4.2 and young people aged 12 to 17 who live in Luxembourg City or attend primary schools overseen by the City of Luxembourg's Service Enseignement (Education Department). CAPEL's initiatives are focused on the following areas:

  • organising leisure activities (e.g. "Aktioun Bambësch", etc.), 
  • developing educational projects,
  • holding socio-cultural events,
  • creating play areas,
  • organising training courses
  • managing the "Tunnel am Gronn" art gallery
  • and lending out games, equipment and documentation (e.g. the "Bicherschief" bookcases).