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People with disabilities

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The City of Luxembourg has installed a wide range of infrastructure and equipment to enhance the safety and independence of people with disabilities.

Exemple d'un plan avec chemins adaptés

Accessible routes

Route on which a guiding system for the visually impaired is in place from start to finish.

Semaines de sensibilisation - Une Ville pour tous _ édition 2019

Awareness Weeks

Gaining a better understanding of people who are different from us opens up new doors: dialogue between people with disabilities and the general public, and ove...

Aubette voyageurs

Bus stops

Special bus stop features to make travel easier


cityapp – VDL

A free app for iOS and Android that offers real-time information on bus departures, parking space availability in public car parks and bike availability at vel'...

Clearing of snow

Clearing of snow from pavements in winter. Assistance provided to persons living alone who are over 65 and/or have specific needs.

Disabled parking

Reserved parking spaces and unrestricted roadside parking

bâtiment du musée d'histoire de la Ville, Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Exhibitions – Guided tours

Exhibitions by different associations working in the field, photo exhibitions, guided tours at the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, Invitation to the museums, and more

Université Populaire du Cinéma - Cinémathèque

Film screenings

In partnership with "Trisomie21", "Fondation Ecouter pour Mieux s'Entendre" and Kinepolis, two feature films and a pre-feature film will be shown.

Inclusion of people with special needs

Involvement of people with disabilities through the participative committee with its working groups and brainstorming sessions.

Indoor and outdoor maintenance and minor repairs

Do you need help with maintenance or minor repairs inside or outside your home, or in carrying out certain tasks? The City of Luxembourg offers an assistance se...

Multi-Handi-Sports action day

Athletic event in April to raise awareness for sports played by people with disabilities

Passage pour piétons

Pedestrian crossings

Tactile paving safely guides people with disabilities to the side of the road.

People with disabilities

Involvement of people with disabilities (brainstorming sessions, participative committee, awareness week, etc.), joint setting of priorities, consideration of a...

Social housing for the elderly and/or people with special needs

The City has 192 social housing units for the elderly and/or people with special needs.

2 bus devant les Rotondes

Taking the bus

Our buses have been fitted with assorted equipment to improve safety and ensure accessibility for everyone.

Téléalarme personal alert system

Emergency response service available 24/7: if you are in need of urgent medical assistance, simply press the red button and a distress call will be made.