Smartphone app – cityapp

Download our free smartphone app "cityapp – VDL", available in English, French or German. The app will automatically open in the same language as your phone, but you can change your language preferences in the app's settings.



Customise the app according to your preferences: get all the information you want at a glance on your home screen.

Add shortcuts to information that is relevant to you, such as:

  • Upcoming real-time departures of the tram and your favourite bus lines
  • Number of spaces available in your favourite car parks
  • Number of bikes/docking stations available at your favourite vel'OH! stations
  • See when the Pfaffenthal elevator is open/closed
  • Upcoming waste collections
  • Weekly reports on the quality of your drinking water
  • Your favourite points of interest
  • Ideas for things to do based on your preferences
  • Real-time quality of the air you are breathing
  • Local weather conditions

Long press on the widgets to arrange them to your liking, edit them, or even delete them when they are no longer needed. Push notifications can also be enabled for most of the widgets.


Go to the "Explore" tab to check out everything that the city has to offer near your location, such as upcoming events based on your preferences, points of interest, playgrounds, parks, sports facilities, museums and cultural venues, to name but a few.

Getting around

The "Transport" tab contains everything you need to know about the various ways to get around the city:

  • All bus and tram lines/stops, including real-time departures
  • All car parks, including real-time availability of parking spaces
  • All active-travel options, including vel'OH! stations, cycle paths and cycling routes, and much more
  • All of the Carloh stations and taxi ranks dotted around the city
  • Full information about network disruptions

On the home screen, you can add a widget for your daily bus commute. This widget will then display, in real time, the next departure of your usual bus from the stop closest to your location, out of the two stops saved to your commute.


The "Services" tab provides you with quick access to a variety of useful information and tools:

  • All City departments with an information desk and other points of interest such as public toilets and water fountains
  • All the latest news
  • Your waste collection schedule
  • Contact forms to report an incident, request information or suggest an improvement


This tab lists all your notifications. You can also enable push notifications for each widget and receive up-to-date information about the functionality of the widget in question.


If you have any questions about the new cityapp – VDL, please send an email to

In the event of technical problems, please send an email to the helpdesk:

Data protection (GDPR)

Generally, the cityapp can be used without the user needing to provide any personal data, though the user can select their preferred language (French, German or English).

In certain instances, you may be asked to provide personal data on a purely voluntary basis.