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Add your event to the "What's on" page

If you want your event listed on the "What's on" page of this website, on the cityapp – VDL or in City magazine, enter your event information into the d...

Boutique éphémère au numéro 38 de la rue Philippe II en Ville_vue d'intérieur

Applications and conditions

On this page, you will find all the information you need about rental costs, the terms and conditions of rental, and the application form.

Applications and conditions for the Design Hub

On this page, you will find all the information you need about rental costs, the terms and conditions of rental, and the application form.

Marché Ville-Haute

Become a vendor at festivals and markets

Operating a stall at one of the City's markets: what you need to get set up

autorisation de bâtir

Building permit

For construction works, extensions, renovations, alterations, demolitions, sheds, porch roofs, canopies, awnings, signs, fences along public roads, wells, water...


By collection type

Door-to-door collection, bulk collection on demand, collection in large-capacity containers, Recycling Centre and Superdreckskëscht fir Betriber


By type of waste

Residual waste, glass, paper/cardboard, PMC packaging (Valorlux), food waste, turf, garden waste, bulky commercial waste, wood, scrap metal, household appliance...

Composition of the management team

A number of departments and bodies are in charge of managing and developing events.

la centrale de chauffage urbain ECCO

Connection to district heating

Combined production of heat and electricity with a very high energy yield, useful from both an ecological and an economic perspective

voiture creos

Connection to the gas and electricity networks

For technical questions concerning the gas and electricity grids (connections, metre installations, grid repairs), please contact Creos Luxembourg S.A.

Design Hub_Batiment A

Design Hub Hollerich

The Design Hub at 42-44, rue de Hollerich is a workspace for professionals in the creative industries and is meant to function as a springboard for young creati...

gobelets réutilisables

Eco-friendly events

We are committed to ensuring events held in Luxembourg City are eco-friendly, by investing in reusable containers, promoting public transport and reducing energ...

CRP - Médiateurs de chantier

Impact of works on daily life

The City's two construction mediators are tasked with liaising between the local population and teams involved in works being carried out in Luxembourg City. Wh...


Invoicing the City

Electronic processing system for supplier invoices with a compulsory order number

ville de luxembourg nuit

Late-night opening

Drinking establishments may request special authorisation to stay open past the usual opening hours for this type of establishment.

Plateforme LetzShop

LetzShop: become a vendor

The e-commerce platform will be an online shop that brings together vendors from all over the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on one site. It will enable them to gain...

Chantier dans une rue

Obstructing public thoroughfares

Tax is calculated based on the sector for which the application is made, and is levied until the public thoroughfare has been restored to its original condition

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Opening a shop or business

Resources available when opening a business or shop, placement of signs, interior and exterior fixtures (awnings and terraces), and related municipal regulation...

Illustration du Foodvillage

Operating a food truck

List and locations of food trucks currently in operation, instructions for operators, rental fee, and application form.

Ville de Luxembourg pendant l'hiver

Organise an event

Permit application, all-nights permits, amusement tax, eco-friendly events and adding your event to our calendars.

voiture Hëllef doheem

Parking permits for certain professional service providers

to carry out medical or homecare services or installation, repair or maintenance work for customers

Slogan sur vitrine "mon quartier, mon commerce"

Pop-up store at 15, avenue de la Gare

Detailed information for the space at 15, avenue de la Gare.

pop-up vide 25, rue des capucins

Pop-up store at 25, rue des Capucins

Detailed information for the space at 25, rue des Capucins.

local du magasin éphémère depuis l'extérieur

Pop-up store at 26, rue des Capucins

Detailed information for the space at 26, rue des Capucins.

vue sur la vitrine d'un pop-up

Pop-up store at 3, rue Origer

Detailed information for the space at 3, rue Origer.

Location d’un restaurantau rez-de-chaussée du Parking Neipperg

Pop-up store at 43, rue du Fort Neipperg

Detailed information for the space at 43, rue du Fort Neipperg.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store no. 38

Detailed information about the space at 38, rue Philippe II.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store no. 40

Detailed information for the space at 40, rue Philippe II.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store n°43, Grand-Rue

Détails du local situé au 43, Grand-Rue.


Selling in public spaces

Occupying a public space to sell products (food bikes, food trucks, etc.)


Smart Infrastructure

Extensive free Wi-Fi network across the entire city, fibre optic network, sensors for environmental monitoring and interactive map with a wide selection of info...

Starting a business

Information, assistance and services to help you start your business in Luxembourg City, from set-up to launch and beyond.

Luxembourg-city incubator

Support and assistance for businesses

Assistance and advice for businesses of all sizes and sectors when they set up operations in Luxembourg City.


Utility markouts

When carrying out construction work on public or private property, contractors must beware of any public utility cables and pipes that might be located on-site.

stationnement camionnettes

Van parking

Roadside parking is prohibited for vans in residential areas on working days from 18:00 to 8:00, as well as on Sundays and public holidays



Available 24/7, the new vel'OH! system gives you complete freedom to travel, whenever you want, and save time in getting where you want to go.

Wasserwierk raccordement à l'eau

Water supply connection

Procedures and forms for new connections and for the removal, disconnection, transfer, change or replacement of an existing connection, and for the lease of sta...

Compteur d'eau

Water: connecting your home

Turning on, turning off, pricing and water meter for drinking water.

Ville de Luxembourg

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg City has much to offer: it's a European capital with an excellent quality of life, a strong economic centre, and a skilled, multilingual population. ...

Illustration chantier rue de Trèves

Work on public thoroughfares

All minor and major works carried out on public thoroughfares and pavements are subject to prior authorisation by the City of Luxembourg.