Cityapp publicité
Politics, policy and administration

The new app – which can be used in either English, French or German – adjusts to the user's profile (resident, person working in the city or visitor) in order to offer relevant services and forge a stronger connection between the City administration and the population.

The app was designed to complement the new version of the website, which was launched back in 2017. While the mobile version of the website is still the main way to read Luxembourg City news on a smartphone, the information is static and identical for every user. In contrast, the mobile app provides up-to-date and personalised information (by way of push notifications and geolocation) triggered on the basis of users' real-time movements.

With such tailored information at their fingertips, the cityapp – VDL provides real added value to users, and helps make their daily lives all the more easier. New features are constantly being added to the app, providing users with an ever-growing range of useful services.