The following works and construction, which are minor and do not fall within the scope of a building permit or statement of work according to Article 57.3 of the Luxembourg City Building Regulations (Règlement sur les bâtisses de la Ville de Luxembourg), may be undertaken without any administrative formalities unless the requirements of the general development plan (plan d'aménagement général – PAG) or special development plans (plan d'aménagement particulier – PAP) stipulate otherwise.

  • maintenance and cleaning, except for buildings in a conservation area – [SPR] ;
  • general maintenance, except for buildings in a conservation area – [SPR] ;
  • setting up light private equipment such as barbecues, game equipment and collapsible or inflatable swimming pools and games;
  • auxiliary equipment such as mailboxes, washing lines, bicycle racks, and fences other than those referred to in Article 15 of the Building Regulations;
  • technical equipment such as exterior lighting and small private antennae.

Conservation areas / listed building groups (ensembles sensibles)

A building permit is required for any work undertaken on the exterior of a building in a conservation area, including facade restoration and roof repair.