Works to protect heritage assets

This grant can only be sought for preservation, conservation, restoration or renovation works carried out either by a natural person or a legal person established under private law on a building owned by the applicant that is located in a "built environment – C" protected area of community interest, as defined in Article 29 of the

Amounts granted

Eligible works may be subsidised as follows:

  • 30% for preservation, conservation and restoration works;
  • 15% for renovation works

The amount of the grant applied for may not be less than €750 or more than €20,000 per building.

The amount of €20,000 may be granted once every twenty years per building, as from the date of the first grant application.

If the works are carried out on a building located in the "UNESCO World Heritage zone", the amount of the grant will be increased by 10%.

The grant will only be paid upon completion of the works.

Conditions for awarding grants

If the building has several owners, the application must be submitted on behalf of all of the co-owners and signed by all of them. Applicants should bear in mind that grants are awarded per building rather than per person.

Applications must be accompanied by a description of the works undertaken, photos taken before and after the works, and receipted invoices.

Documents to be submitted with the application

  • a written application
  • a bank account number

The application must be submitted to the City of Luxembourg municipal administration:

Administration communale de la Ville de Luxembourg
Hôtel de Ville
L-2090 Luxembourg

Building inspection regulations