You can buy reproductions of the photographs owned by the PhotothèqueUse of the images is subject to the strict rules governing copyright contained in our terms of use.

Pricing for digital files varies depending on whether the file is in JPEG or TIF format.

JPEG (low resolution) TIF (high resolution)




Supplement for photo processing in JPG or TIF format: €10

Pricing for digital prints (black & white and colour) varies depending on the paper quality:

Format Glossy or matte inkjet paper Canvas or Baryta paper

18 × 24 cm (or smaller)



24 × 30 cm



30 × 40 cm



40 × 50 cm



50 × 60 cm



50 × 70 cm



55 × 80 cm



60 × 90 cm



70 × 100 cm



Large format: price on request.


To finalise your order, you must sign an official order form and a reproduction slip. For us to be able to issue these documents,

  • individuals must provide their social security number;
  • business customers must provide the company's national registration number and VAT number.

Photos can be ordered in the formats and at the set prices listed above. You can choose to receive your digital photos on a DVD or USB stick, or have them made available for download from the Luxembourg City's iCloud server. You will be billed for your order by the Recette communale (City Treasury) of the City of Luxembourg.

If a photo is published, the copyright information "copyright Photothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg" must appear alongside the name of the author.