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In 2010, as part its policy for promoting access to culture for all, the City of Luxembourg and the non-profit organisation Cultur'all entered into an agreement, undertaking to contribute to the "Kulturpass" programme. The "Kulturpass" allows people experiencing economic hardship to gain access to culture.

The Office social (Social Welfare Office) is responsible for reaching out to target audiences, granting the "Kulturpass" to those entitled to it, and maintaining a list of holders.

The "Kulturpass" for individuals

This pass is issued upon request to persons or families experiencing difficult economic circumstances. It is valid for two years and entitles holders to free admission to the city's municipal museums, and to purchase entry tickets to events organised by the City's cultural partners at €1.50 (per event and per person), within the limit of the number of places available.

Anyone living in Luxembourg City who qualifies for cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds National de Solidarité), or has applied for international protection, may receive a "Kulturpass".


The "Kulturpass" for associations

This group pass for associations may be issued to non-profit social institutions active in the field of social exclusion and related issues such as a lack of vocational training, isolation, financial difficulties or housing problems.

This pass is subject to the same terms and conditions as the individual "Kulturpass", irrespective of whether its users have said individual pass.

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