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What is the childcare service voucher scheme?

The childcare service voucher scheme is a form of financial aid granted to parents in the form of reduced rates for non-formal education and childcare services, depending on availability.

The amount of the state contribution (CSA amount) and the amount of the parents' financial contribution are calculated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account:

  • the type of service provided;
  • the parent's income;
  • the number of children receiving family allowance benefits in the parents' household;
  • and the number of hours requested.

For more information about pricing, please contact the childcare service voucher scheme helpdesk or visit the website

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Age requirements

To benefit from the childcare voucher system scheme, children must:

  • be under 11 years of age at the time of registering;
  • or not have completed primary education;
  • or be enrolled in a special education programme.

Where do I apply?

If you are a non-resident and employed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

If the child's parent or legal representative is a non-resident European Union national employed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the application must be submitted to the Children's Future Fund (Caisse pour l'Avenir des enfants).

If you are a resident of Luxembourg City:

If the child's parent or legal representative resides in Luxembourg City, the CSA application must be submitted to the Bierger-Center.

This can be done either:

  • by post or email, by sending the appropriate form together with any supporting documents (see below), where applicable. As soon as your application is complete, the contract will be sent to you.
  • in person at the Bierger-Center. Remember to bring any supporting documents with you (see below), where applicable. If you submit all the required documents, the contract is drawn up immediately.

Required documents

Information to be provided as required:

  • For officials and servants of a European/international institution:
    • a certificate issued by their personnel office listing the children in the household receiving family allowance benefits.
  • For first-time arrivals from abroad: 
    • a certificate issued by the CAE proving that an application for family allowances has been submitted.

As part of the effort to simplify administrative procedures, the CAE no longer automatically sends a payment certificate at the end of January of each year. Until recently, this payment certificate was required to establish a CSA beneficiary agreement.

The payment certificate will no longer be requested by the municipal agent for the purpose of establishing a CSA beneficiary agreement.

The municipal agent has access to the Joint Social Security (Centre commun de la sécurité sociale) database.

Optional information to be provided:

  • Applicants may opt to apply for an additional reduction under the CSA scheme by producing supporting documents regarding their household income.
Parents who do not wish to report their household income will be charged the maximum fee.

Applicants whose monthly income exceeds 4.5 times the minimum social wage (€9,319.95),or whose annual income exceeds €111,839.40, will be charged the maximum rate and there is no longer a need to report the household income.

The above-mentioned information is of a general nature and it is strongly recommended that you first check with the Bierger-Center to find out which supporting documents are required at the time of registration.

The municipal office reserves the right to request any additional supporting documents regarding household income.


The CSA beneficiary agreement is valid for 12 months and must be renewed each year. The parents (or legal representative) are notified by letter of the date of renewal of the contract.

If the CSA agreement is not renewed on time, the maximum rate will be applied for monthly billing.

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