Register a death

When to register a death

Generally, deaths must be registered with the civil register of the municipal office for the place of death within 24 hours.

Who can register a death?

Deaths may be registered by:

  • the funeral home contacted by the family;
  • a close relative or friend of the deceased; or
  • any other person.

Estimated waiting time

It is  15:39

Register a death – burial plots

Documents to submit

The person registering the death with the civil registrar must present

  • the medical certificate attesting to the death: Parts A, B and C Declaration of the causes of death.
  • if possible, the deceased's family record book, their marriage certificate or birth certificate if they were unmarried, or alternatively the deceased's identity documents and those of their spouse, where applicable.
  • the certificate attesting that the body has been placed in a casket, if the deceased is to be buried in another municipality, or in one of the Benelux countries.

In the case of cremation, the certificate attesting that the body has been placed in a casket and the medical certificate stating that there is no sign of the deceased having met a violent death. And a written request by the deceased, if they expressed the wish to be cremated during their lifetime, or failing that, a written request by the nearest relative.

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