Phase 2

As part of the redevelopment works on Rue des Scillas and Rangwee in preparation for the extension of the tram line, and to improve the mobility infrastructure in this difficult area, major works were undertaken on Rangwee in the first phase of the project, which began in April 2022.

The next phase of the works, which involves the upgrade of Rue des Scillas in the municipality of Hesperange, is scheduled to begin on 12 March 2023. As Rue des Scillas will be closed to traffic between Rue des Bruyères and the Rangwee tunnel, traffic and public transport services will be affected.

AVL line 3

The line 3 route ("Howald, Waassertuerm (CIPA)" – "Beggen, Henri Dunant") will remain unchanged. However, there will be slight changes to service to the "Lycée Bouneweg" transport hub: buses travelling towards Bonnevoie will call at "Quai 1", and those travelling towards Howald will call at "Quai 2", replacing the temporary "Quai 9" and "Quai 10". The additional bus service running every half hour between "Centre", "Theater" and "Howald, Bei der Kierch" will continue to operate as usual.

AVL line 5

On the section between Bonnevoie and Howald/Rangwee, line 5 buses ("Bertrange, Gemeng" – "Stade de Luxembourg") will resume their original route, operating once more along Rue du Cimetière and Rue de Neufchâateau, serving the "Lycée Bouneweg" transport hub.

Buses will no longer call at the temporary "Dernier Sol" stop on the detour route.

Line 5 buses travelling in both directions between Rangwee and Cloche d'Or will be diverted via the Rond-point Gluck and Boulevard de Kockelscheuer. Line 5 buses will no longer call at the "Howald-Moureschanz", "Howald-Ronnebësch", "Howald-P+R Lux-Sud" and "Gerhard Mercator" stops. Instead of line 5, lines 28 and 29 will serve the Howald commercial zone and Cloche d'Or.

AVL line 20

Line 20 buses ("Hollerich, Bouillon" – "Kockelscheuer, Parc Luxite") will resume their original route, operating once more between "Gare-Rocade" and "Gasperich, Gerhard Mercator" via Boulevard de Kockelscheuer ("Francophonie" stop).

Line 20 buses will no longer call at the "Howald-Moureschanz", "Howald-Ronnebësch" or "Howald-P+R Lux-Sud" stops on the former temporary route.

AVL line 23

Between the "Francophonie" and "Lycée Bouneweg, LTB" stops, line 23 buses ("Eich, Centre Culturel" – Bonnevoie) will resume their original route, operating once more via Rangwee, and calling at the "Lycée Bouneweg" transport hub.

The temporary service to the "Dernier Sol" and "Hippodrome" stops will be discontinued.

AVL line 28

Line 28 buses will run on the following new route: "Howald, Op der Stirzel" (temporary stop on Rue des Bruyères) – Rue des Scillas – "Howald, P+R Lux-Sud" – Boulevard F. W. RaiffeisenBoulevard de Kockelscheuer – "Gare Centrale" – "Gare Rocade" – Bonnevoie – "Lycée Bouneweg / LTB".

AVL line 29

The line 29 route will change as follows: From "Senningerberg, Charlys Statioun", the current route will remain unchanged until Route de Thionville, and will then continue via Rue de NeufchâteauRangweeRond-point GluckBoulevard de Kockelscheuer – Boulevard F. W. Raiffeisen – "Howald, P+R Lux-Sud" – "Howald ZAC" – "Hesperange, Cité um Schlass".

P+R Luxembourg-Sud

For the "P+R Luxembourg-Sud" stop, buses will call only at "Quai 1" and "Quai 2", located on Boulevard F. W. Raiffeisen.