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Présentation du projet

Jury comments

The aim of this project is to largely preserve the former Josy Barthel stadium, creating an open space in the centre of the Wunnquartier Stade development. This space will be made into a city park that can be used by local residents, adding to the City of Luxembourg's network of open spaces.

Around the historical building on Route d'Arlon that used to house the barracks of the municipal fire brigade will be a central neighbourhood meeting point with urban flair. The building itself, with its partitions, will become a cultural hub located next to a town square and pavilion.

The exterior design concept provides the basis for the layout of the entire project, which its authors have divided into four residential areas, each with their own unique character that takes inspiration from the surrounding urban environment: there are plans for a dense area of residential towers along the Route d'Arlon creating a new skyline, a garden city created along Rue Napoléon, residential buildings in a forest setting in the Rollingergrund area and four residential towers at the plateau-like eastern end of the area with views over Limpertsberg.

The project is largely convincing, but it must still be reviewed with respect to urban density and the types of buildings being proposed for the area along Route d'Arlon and Rollingergrund.


Team 196971

Urbanistes : 2001, Esch-Alzette (LU) + HHF ARCHITEKTEN, Basel (CH)
Paysagiste : AGENCE TER, Paris (FR)
Expert en mobilité : SYSTEMATICA, Milano (IT)
Expert en énergie : TRANSSOLAR, München (DE)
Programmiste urbain : CABANE - URBANE STRATEGIEN, Basel (CH)


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