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Law of 21 September 2006 on residential leases (Loi du 21 septembre 2006 sur le bail à loyer à usage d'habitation) (only in FR)

At a glance

Occasionally, a landlord and tenant may disagree on the amount of rent and/or rental charges. If the parties are unable to reach an amicable agreement, a landlord may send a request to the Rent Committee for a rent increase. Tenants, for their part, may apply to the Rent Committee for a rent reduction.

The Rent Committee meets to decide on the applications made by landlords and tenants.

In its role as arbitrator, the Rent Committee provides a framework for settling disputes amicably. It has proven to be very effective in this respect, as a large number of disputes have been resolved by settlement instead of going to court.

This procedure is open to all tenants and owners of residential property.

Committee members

  • Jean-Marie Bauler, chairman
  • Ferdinand Burg, alternate chairman
  • Robert Conrad, landlord assessor
  • Steve Buffadini, alternate landlord assessor
  • Christiane Philipp, tenant assessor
  • Alphonse Schroeder, alternate tenant assessor
  • Paul Schon, secretary
  • Anouk Speltz, alternate secretary

Request for rent review


The Secretariat of the Rent Committee is assumed by the Service Logement (Housing Department) as defined in Article 7 -11 of the Law of 21 September 2006 on leases.

Contact person

Anouck Speltz
Tel.: 4796-4333

the department

Contact details

37a, rue d’Anvers
L-1130 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and afternoons by appointment