Law of 21 September 2006 on residential rental leases

In short

Occasionally, a landlord and tenant may disagree on the amount of rent and/or rental charges owed. If the parties are unable to reach an amicable agreement, a landlord may send a request to the Rent Committee for a rent increase. Tenants, for their part, may apply to the Rent Committee for a rent reduction.

The Rent Committee meets to decide on the applications made by landlords and tenants.

In its role as arbitrator, the Rent Committee provides a framework for settling disputes amicably. It has proven to be very effective in this respect, as a large number of disputes have been resolved by settlement instead of going to court.

This procedure is open to all tenants and owners of residential property in the City of Luxembourg.

Committee members

  • Krisztina Szombathy, chair
  • Ferdinand Burg, alternate chairman
  • Steve Kieffer, landlord assessor
  • Steve Buffadini, alternate landlord assessor
  • Isabelle Jacquot, tenant assessor
  • Charles Siweck, alternate tenant assessor
  • Anouck Speltz, secretary
  • and Susanna Sportelli, alternate secretary

Request for rent review


The Secretariat of the Rent Committee is assumed by the Service Logement (Housing Department) as defined in Article 7 -11 of the Law of 21 September 2006 on leases.

Contact information

Contact person: 

Anouck Speltz
Tél.: 4796-4333
E-Mail: commissiondesloyers@vdl.lu