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brown bins and containers

Other types of collection

  • large-capacity containers
  • Recycling Centre

What goes in the container?


grass clippings, sods of grass, leaves, weeds without soil, flowers and cut flowers, etc.

Not accepted

hedge cuttings, branches, all woody waste, shrub and tree trimmings, hedge and rose bush trimmings, etc.

More information about collections

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Collection type

Main collection method

Grass clippings are collected from the brown bins and containers outside your home on a weekly basis.

If need be, grass clippings can be collected ad hoc using bin bags or containers other than the brown bins on organic waste collection days. However, the brown bins should be used for this whenever possible.

Bags containing grass clippings must be left open for collection. Containers and bags will be returned to users after they are emptied.

Other collection methods

The maximum volume of waste accepted by the Recycling Centre is 1 m3.

Talking trash: what goes where

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